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ADMIN – Hi Jason, I would recommend keeping a distance of 4 foot minimum from the horse fence. If 90% of the underground dog fence wire is going to be installed off the ground, 18 gauge is perfect. However, if you end up running on or under the ground, I highly recommend upgrading to at least 16 gauge for a break proof wire.

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One thing vital in any dog fences is the wire, it would be better if we used the dog fence wire 18 gauge. This wire will assure us satisfaction in terms of guarding our pets. In a very reasonable price we will have an item that will surely be of great help to us and to our pet. There is an option whether to use the stranded or solid core wire. This wire is thicker than the other wire used in dog fencing. The thicker the wire is the stronger the impact. If the dog will be trained with stronger impact most likely our dog will be prevented to go out within the boundary we set only for them. There will be lesser tendency for our dog to be in danger. In that case we can be assured that we are caring our pet more than they know.

Choose stranded or solid core in all suitable dog fence wire gauges

Items 1 - 30 of 38 - Find the best DIY Dog Fence Wire in our huge selection The wire is an extremely heavy duty 18-gauge and the company recommends that you mark the areas to be bordered with flags first so that you know where you’re laying down the wire for the wireless dog fence (the strength of the wiring will make it hard to redo).

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16-gauge dog fence wire is considerably thicker and more durable than factory-grade 18 or 20-gauge wire yet still flexible enough as to be relatively easy to work with. Our dog fence boundary expansion bundles are a convenient and easy way for you to increase the size of your dog fence system in a quick one-stop shopping experience. We've pre-bundled wire, flags, and splices in the most common expansion sizes with just the right ratio of wire to flags and splices.

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A thinner, 20 gauge wire is acceptable for use in soil that is loose, sandy or a soft clay. It works if you are laying the wire beside a fence, or on a lot that is smaller than 5 acres. You should also have only a small amount of trees and greenery. If the area around your home is rocky in nature and has many trees, or is larger than 5 acres, you need to use a thicker, 18 gauge wire. You also need 18 gauge invisible dog fence wire if you are securing the fence above the ground, as opposed to underneath it. As a side note, if you are installing an above-ground fence, you will need to attach it with lawn staples, every 5 feet.As I mention often throughout this site, most do-it-yourself dog fences come with wire that is inappropriate for outdoor use. If your DIY dog fence includes thin, stranded wire, consider purchasing that is 18-gauge or thicker. The upgraded wire will add to your initial cost, but will more than pay for itself over the long term since you'll experience far fewer wire breaks.