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Our 2 dog leash is designed to be save and durable. These dog leash couplers come with an O ring and two snap locks. We use only heavy duty hardware that will not lose its shine in time. Beautiful simplistic design gives this double dog leash a timeless classic look. Enjoy the comfort of walking, running or hiking with both of your dogs while only using one 2 dog leash. Our leash couplers come in several bright colors that match our beautiful collars. Feel free to choose a perfect combo!

Adapt any leash into a 2-dog leash with the Double Track Leash Coupler from Ruffwear.

This leash will make walking two or more dogs at once so much easier. Each dog over 2 dogs is an extra $18.00. The leash is 52 inches long and has a built-in swivel that prevents the tangling of leashes. You'll love it! All Coupler products are tangle-free!

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Dual Double Dog Leash Coupler Suits All Dog, Walker and Trainer Leash for Two Dogs with Adjustable Splitter Lead 12.6` - 19.6` (bl If you walk 2 big dogs at once, this high-quality dog leash coupler will make your life easier. It puts 2 dogs on 1 extra-comfortable handle, so you won't get leashes tangled anymore.

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The Yuppie Puppy 2-Dog Adjustable Coupler is a popular choice because of its durable Nylon and nickel-plated steel construction. This offering from Yuppie Puppy is a high quality coupler that is resistant to corrosion and adverse weather, providing a durable, long lasting coupler. Available in a range of different sizes, from small to extra large, the coupler allows consumers to walk dogs of any size together easily. This versatile coupler allows dogs to walk close together of reasonably far apart. However, because of the nature of the coupler, when the dogs pull in different directions, they pull against one another, rather than pulling against the consumer, which makes life much easier and the daily walks more pleasant. The adjusti-buckle gives even greater control to the consumer, providing a method of setting the length of one or both leashes.

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Most dog leash couplers provide 1-2 feet of space between two dogs during walks, which can be a bit tight for some dogs. That’s a pretty small space for dogs during long or even short walks, and some dogs can get a bit anxious having to walk that close to another dog even if they live together. As a human example, walking two dogs on a coupler is equivalent to asking two children to walk arm-in-arm. It can get a bit too close for them. 🙂 Sometimes, I witness between two dogs on a coupler, especially when something scary or exciting happens.When I ordered this I was a bit hesitant of ordering it online since I couldn't touch it first, to see if it was made to last a long time. But We were in need of one and I just didn't want to pay the price at the department store for one that I knew wouldn't last but several months like the previous one and have no warranty what so ever.

When I got this in the mail just a few days after placing my order, I was surprised when I took it out of the mailing envelope and the material itself was nice and thick, and it had weight to it, it was not light weight like our previous one that only lasted about 3 months , being used by 2 beagles every weekend.

The stitching on this coupler is very good, the material is thick, and the O rings are heavy and seem like they are going to be very durable, along with the material itself.

Having a lifetime warranty sweetens the deal, The price is also a good price for this quality. I paid a lot more for the previous one we had, that didn't even hold up for a every weekend walk for 3 months.

Our beagles do like to pull, (their beagles don't expect them not to pull when their nose is down..) and I think this will be the last coupler I'll have to buy.

I recommend this product to anyone looking for this coupler, It is so much easier walking two dogs on one leash using this, than it is walking two dogs with two leashes! You won't get tangled up in their leashes, the dogs won't get tangled up in the leashes any more either. It does make for a more peaceful walk or at least for those who have dogs that aren't hunters, and think their nose has to be on the ground for a normal weekend walk ;), But on those few occasions they'll stop tracking while on a walk, they do make it a peaceful walk for us.

Now if Lupine came out with a 3 ring coupler so I can walk all 3 of our dogs, on one leash I'd be in heaven.