Q: Do people debark just to avoid training their dogs?

Because barking serves many purposes, it’s critical for owners to determine why their dogs are doing it before attempting to address a barking problem. In fact, sometimes the barking is perfectly appropriate (as when alerting that stranger's approach) and/or a learned behavior. Does the dog use barking to get what he or she wants? For example, dogs that get attention for barking often learn to bark for food, play, and walks, as well. Therefore, training a dog to be quiet on command can be an important tool so that you can teach your dog a different behavior (such as “sit” or “down”) for getting what he or she wants.

Q: I read recently that wild dogs like wolves don’t bark. How come dogs do?

When at home, it is easier and less confusing to start with a single rule: barking is OK until the dog is instructed to “Shush,” whereupon it is expected to be quiet for a specified time — say one or two minutes — after which, most dogs will have forgotten what sparked them off in the first place. The first step in your dog to decrease the frequency of barking is to teach it to bark on . This may sound a little silly; however, it is important to realize that barking is a temporal problem, i.e., the dog barks excessively, or it barks at inappropriate times. By training your dog to bark on command, at least you establish partial temporal control over the . Also, once barking is under stimulus control, it becomes possible to instruct your dog to bark at times when it may not feel like barking, which greatly facilitates teaching the more important “Shush” command.

It is important to understand that dogs bark for various reasons.

Dogs will be dogs, which means they sometimes bark, but you can teach your dog to control their… Dogs bark when storms are near or here because they are warning you that a storm is coming. They do that because they can sense early when a storm is coming. They can smell the rain coming. I wish we could do that. how come humans can`t do it?

Q: Do you debark ALL your dogs?

Many dogs have bark because they are scared that the bolt might hit or something and plus 20 times better hearing than us so it make it more scarier for them.

why dose my dog bark at other dogs

Do you have a barking dog on your hands? As a dog trainer, I find barking problems are one of the main reasons dog owners ask for help. Clients want to know how to stop their dog from barking. In this article, I’ll help you get the peace and quiet you’re looking for in your household … but first, I’ll talk about the purpose of barking. Then I’ll cover common reasons a dog barks and provide you with some solutions to curb your dog’s barking.Dogs who bark, howl or whimper when you leave may have a case of separation anxiety, a serious condition that must be addressed. If your dog barks when you leave, he may continue to get more stressed over time to the point of injuring himself.Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why dogs bark. And then I’ll provide a few suggestions on how to change your dog’s behavior.Remember, the first step in changing your dog’s behavior is to identify the reason behind his bark. Then you can work on the training and improvement will come with time and practice.