Here's a smiling dog to brighten your Friday

These dogs were then shown photo pairs of smiling and blank-expression faces of unfamiliar people as well as of their owners. When shown photo pairs of either their owner or a stranger who was the same gender as their owner, the dogs selected the smiling faces more often than would be expected if they were randomly choosing a photo.

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Mount Konocti, California’s newest grape growing region. Smiling Dogs Ranch is situated high on the hills overlooking local vineyards with a peekaboo view of Clear Lake, California’s largest natural lake. Our Winery and Vineyards are operated 100% by solar and wind renewable energy, allowing sustainable farming practices to be a highlight of our small production lots.

So adorable that it makes the owner and dogs smile identical!

Receive the latest news & updates from smiling dog yoga. Signing up is easy. Smiling Dog Rescue’s Rica and rescue alumni Truman were featured in a Fresno Bee article promoting an upcoming book “Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon” by Bronwen Dickey. The caption at the top reads, “Rica Powell poses with Truman, a 4-year-old pit bull. Powell’s Smiling Dog Rescue in …

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Saturday, February 6th, 2016, Smiling Dog Rescue will be featured as the rescue partner for Cesar Milan’s live performance at the Tucson Music Hall downtown! The show will feature live training sessions and an audiene Q&A. Part of each ticket sold goes to benefit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Several …

Dog stops playing and smiles at the camera

They say a tired dog is a happy dog but in the case of Brinks the dog, a smiling dog is a happy dog. Brinks was abandoned on the streets of New York City and was rescued by his owner, Jon Bozak, who immediately noticed that Brinks smiled a lot. If you’ve ever seen a dog smile it truly is a funny thing and always brings a smile to my face as well. These two have formed a great friendship over the last 12 years that makes owning a dog all worth the effort. Adoptable Smiling Dog “Sugar” takes the spotlight in this great video “Rescue Relay” released by Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Sugar was rescued from one of California’s toughest shelters while pregnant, and was lucky to be able to give birth to her puppies safely and without the fear of euthanasia thanks to a lot of …She did not, though; that's why she refused to see the narrator on that day. Now, she implores the narrator to stop theirsearch for information about Smile Dog. She apologizes again. And later thatmonth, the narrator receives word from Mary’s husband that she has died bysuicide.Every Smiling Dog trained puppy is prepared to be a well-mannered family
member the moment it waggles through your front door. Our puppies are vetted from the country’s top breeders and professionally trained with critical foundational skills, so you can begin to bond with your new puppy without the hassle of behavioral issues. Training is important, but time-consuming. Smiling Dog gives you back precious time and let’s you start making precious memories.