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The question was asked what is the difference between organic chicken and chicken. I am a farmer/rancher I breed chickens. Chickens that come from a store are 85% house raised chickens. They come in small cages OR large houses that contain HUNDREDS of chickens running free in FILTH. You can smell chicken ranches from MILEs away! Each day the dead chickens are collected off the ground and thrown in a waste dump for dog food. The chickens are not tested for disease! These chickens are fed a corn based diet. They are fed antibiotics. The color of the skin on these chickens when butchered is WHITE! Ect.
Orgain chicken, Is actually free range chicken. I raise my chickens like this. I Have no cages, no pens. The chickens FREE range. They get full movement of muscles, ect. They are not kept in filth. It is a rare occasion we lose a chicken. Usually when we do it is to a predator VS disease. These chickens eat what a wild fowl normally eats-bugs, grass, ect.. These chickens are not fed antibiotics. The meat on these chickens is more of the natural color–YELLOW . Life`s Abundance uses free range chicken.

All of our Pet Products Have NEVER been a Part of any Recall including Life's Abundance Dog Food.

I have been using Lifes Abundance for about a year now. The breeder that I adopted our Shorkie from reccomended feeding her Lifes Abundance. Now, I have NEVER had one problem with the food she LOVES it! I also have the powder vitamins that I sprinkle on her food in the mornings. And I will tell you she will not even touch her food until I put the vitamins on. For those of you who are complaining of runny stools theses vitamins may be what you’re looking for so you can stay with Lifes Abundace. We recently addopted an 8mo. pitbull. When I first fed her the food she pooped a lot and they wern’t runny but just a little loose. Now, ever since I put the vitamins on her food in the mornings I haven’t had one problem with her stools. My guess was that she was fed a different maybe less nutritional based food before and the Lifes Abundance was cleaning her digestional tract out. Just a guess. Also when we got her, her stomach was really red and peeling. We were told that she was allergic to laundry detergent and that she would out grow it. Well not even two days on this food and her stomach is no longer irritated!! I couldn’t be happier with Lifes Abundace the customer service is great the shipping is quick and efficent and I know that my babies have nice full tummies of nutritional dog food! Once again I really think those of you who don’t have your dogs on the vitamins really need to rethink that. I mean we give our children vitamins do we not?!. Our dogs are a part of the family and deserve the same treatment. Thats at least what I believe. HOPE THIS HELPS!

The Life’s Abundance product line includes five dry dog foods.

Feeding Chart for Life's Abundance Dog Food for Puppies and Adult Dogs. Sheela, in my cases following the advice of your vet is highly recommended, but I think the “writings on the wall” in this case. It appears your dog was perfectly happy and healthy while eating Life’s Abundance, If I were you, I’d switch the pup back over to his original food.

The Life’s Abundance product line includes five dry dog foods.

I am wondering what your vets motivation for a “puppy food” was. Did your puppy look in poor health? Was it thin and emaciated when you took it in? Did it not eat it’s LA food like it was it’s last meal?
Puppies that are raised on Life’s Abundance have been given all the nutrients they need to have a long healthy life. Your breeder has recommended these products because they have not only seen a difference in the health and vigor of their own dogs but all the litters produced as well. LA is very nutrient dense so there is no need to feed a lot. It is also regulated under APHIS for the European market which means human quality ingredients.
Here are some reasons to get your puppy back on LA ASAP!
1) No Corn, wheat or soy
2) no chemicals or fillers and nothing artificial
3)only fresh, wholesome ingredients from sources in the USA!
4) powerful antioxidants
5) guaranteed live probiotics
6) chelated minerals for optimum absorption
7) shipped FRESH to your door!

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