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There are dog owners who reported their pets having frequent bowel movement even though they had gradually changed their old dog food to Acana. In contrast there were also those who reported their pets experiencing constipation with Acana Premium Adult Dog Food. Some remedied this problem by giving a lot of water with the dog food.

Acana Adult Large Breed Dog Food is produced and manufactured by Champion Pet Foods.

Acana became and has remained one of my favorite brands because of the care they put into choosing ingredients for their foods. You don’t see harmful additives or by-products on their ingredients list, and that’s essential for puppies and adult dogs alike.

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i am interested to take acana adult for my dog I have question please guive the ph % in this dog food. thank you. Some Acana dog food reviews note that this is an award-winning brand. The brand lists eleven dry dog foods, all claimed to meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages. The eleven Acana dog food recipes include Acana Senior Dog, Acana Light and Fit, Acana Sport and Agility, Acana Puppy and Junior, Acana Adult Large Breed, Acana Adult Small Breed, Acana Puppy Large Breed, Acana Puppy Small Breed, Acana Chicken and Burbank Potato, Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear, and Acana Lamb and Okanagan Apple.

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Just a note... Orijen and Acana are manufactured by the same company. I have used both for my pit mix who suffers from skin irritation, and ear infections due to food allergies. I have had better luck with the Acana singles line, as the Orijen Adult formula is made up of multiple protein sources. The singles line is a sole protein formula, which is more recommended for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies.

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I have fed Orijen and to me it is the best food on the market for older dogs, At the moment Pup Izzy was fed on large breed Acana, now she is 6 months old i have just changed to Acana Adult , not the Large breed Acana and i rate this next to Orijen
The reason i am feeding Acana adult and not the large breed is the little difference in Calcium and Protein levels
I want her to grow steady not over quick, When she becomes an adult i intend to feed half Orijen Large breed and half Acana large breed, but maybe the Pacifica fish to go with the Orijen, but for now Acana Adult
To this food as good as it is i put on the morning feed Salmon Oil and a Vitamin E tablet every other day a Brewers Yeast and Garlic Tablet, an all in one Tablet, and that is it, except when i have a few Greens and Carrots over from dinner i give the dogs those as well, I always feed dogs twice a day half the ration in the morning half at night then they are never full of food and better for there digestion
Steve1 Evaluating by its ingredients alone Acana Classics Adult Large Breed Dog Food looks like to be a highly recommended dry dog food for adult large breed dogs. We give it a 4.9 stars score.I’m wanting to start my rescue dog (Dachshund 1.5 years old) on some better food. I currently have her own eukanuba dachshund mix and I just recently bought a trial bag of orijen adult and she picks through the eukanuba and eats all the orijen. She’s a very lazy dog and needs to gain some weight but I’m having trouble deciding which between the two to put her on? She needs to up her energy level and gain a few pounds but not too much more than that. Do I go with the high protein orijen or start her on some acana? One of the great things about ACANA’s recipes is their focus on local ingredients. ACANA Adult Small Breed and the rest of their heritage dog food line start with 60 percent meat that arrive fit for human consumption. Their small breed dry dog food formula is one third fresh meat from free-run chickens and wild, whole flounder, as well as chicken, turkey and herring meal for more concentrated protein.