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With a high protein, low carbohydrate formula, this food is ideal for keeping a dog healthy and trim. Acana Singles Lamb & Apple uses only the best in quality lamb protein and rounds out its delicious dry food with fresh Okanagan apple for the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that healthy dogs need. The nutrients within this premium dog food will keep your dog looking and feeling great, with healthy joints, a healthy heart and a healthier immune system.

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For any doubters out there, i went on a tour of the champion pet foods facility in morinville Alberta,Canada and let me tell you they are the real deal my house isn’t as clean as there facility and when they say human grade I mean the beef is something I would feed my kids,so to all those people that knock orijen and acana there full of poop because I was one of them,I have tried orijen and it worked for on dog but not the other so now I am feed canine caviar to one and precise holistic, but am switching today to acana singles pork and butternut squash and also bought lamb and okanagan apple hopefully one of them works and to clear any questions about if I Wrk for the company, I don’t, I Wrk in the oil patch and was in the area and decided to take a tour,they make you put on a white Hospital suit before you enter the building and I can say the food that they put in there dog food I would feed to my kids that the quality of the meats they use,so any doubters or people that bash orijen and acana are full of it because they are not no McDonalds type of food there more like the keg or Earls,suit and tie type of place and there quality control is amazing.. Just thought I would add my to sense.

Acana Singles Lamb and Apple Dog Food

Looking for Acana Lamb & Apple Formula? Compare dog food products based on nutrition information, price, and more. This Acana Singles Grass-Fed Lamb Dry Food Recipe is a high-quality limited ingredient diet that is complete and balanced for dogs in all life stages. This formula features 50% lamb as an easily digestible animal protein and, as the single source of protein, it is a great ingredient for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. This recipe also includes highly digestible carbohydrates like fresh apple, squash, and pumpkin which also act as natural sources for key nutrients. This formula is completely free from plant protein concentrates as well as gluten and grains. Simply put, it is a nutritious and delicious dietary solution for dogs with digestive issues.

ACANA Lamb & Apple Singles Formula Grain-Free Dry ..

All dogs evolved as carnivores and Biologically Appropriate foods mimic the foods Mother Nature intended them to eat! That’s why ACANA Lamb & Okanagan Apple is loaded with 50% lamb, to nourish your dog according to his biological adaptation to a meat and protein rich diet.

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