Easter Dog Clolthes & Accessories ..



Pattern includes
organizer with contrast pockets - hangs from wall
house and mat with contrast roof and lining
carry bag with contrast bottom, straps, tabs & binding
optional applique to use on house, organizer and carrier

Pattern is Sized for:
Extra Small Dogs
11 inches from collar to base of tail
Small Dogs
16 inchs from collar to base of tail

Butterick 5867
Pattern is brand new and uncut
From a pet and smoke free home.

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A salmon pink hair bow for small dogs. Puppy accessories to make your shih tzu or poodle the cutest dog they can be.

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The same goes for chilly days of summer and spring. Even in the best of climates, the weather can turn stormy and cold. Don't miss a refreshing walk when you can just grab a dog coat or sweater and go.

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