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Activyl Tick Plus is a spot-on flea and tick treatment used monthly that contains an brand new innovative ingredient called indoxacarb to kill fleas. It also also controls ticks using permethrin and it reduces the risk of disease. When a flea lands on your pet, Activyl is fully activated and the flea is killed using the it's own enzymes. This new technology is has been termed bioactivation, and is only for dogs. It kills fleas, eggs and larve, effectively breaking the flea'slifecycle.

By using our Value Kit, you're using the same method of self measuring that has been adopted by vets, breeder and shelters across the country as a way to save money on flea and tic treatment.

Activyl Tick Plus treatments have no expiration date and is USA EPA APPROVED.

Do not use Activyl Tick Plus on cats, or allow your cat to lick or groom a dog treated with Activyl Tick Plus. Do not use on dogs or puppies under 8 weeks of age or under 4 lbs. Certain medications may interact with pesticides. If signs of sensitivity occur, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Your will include:

- One factory sealed, brand new and unopened dose of Activyl Tick Plus Value Kit for dogs 89-132lbs. Since all Activyl Tick Plus product is identical, and only the doseage varies, you can follow our very easy instructions to measure out smaller doses for your pet.

- One glass vial, amber in color, which can hold up to 2 drams of the Activyl Tick Plus product. This will allow you to store your remaining doses of Activyl Tick Plus.

- One 1ml, needless, sterile syringe, which you will use to measure your monthly doses.

- Comprehensive, easy to follow, instructions

- Free Shipping!

If your dog has fleas and ticks, learn more about Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs.

Activyl treats and prevents in dogs and cats, while Activyl Tick Plus controls both fleas and ticks, but is available exclusively for dogs, Merck reported.

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Activyl Tick Plus treatment is a topical tick and flea control medication for dogs only. Activyl is a highly effective innovation in flea treatment that works throughbioactivation by using the flea’s own enzymes to fully activate its insecticidal power. Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs can be purchased at Gardner Animal Hospital.

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Unlike some flea treatments, Activyl doesn’t just kill adult fleas, it also stops flea eggs and larvae from developing. Breaking the flea life cycle is important, so your pet is not re-infested by new fleas developing from flea eggs and larvae in your home environment. Using bioactivation, it only becomes fully active on contact with flea enzymes. Plus, it doesn’t just kill adult fleas; it also stops larvae from developing. By breaking the flea life cycle, you’re much more likely to resolve your dog’s problem for good.

Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs 4-11 lbs Blue - 6 doses

Activyl is an innovative flea treatment that is highly effective at killing fleas and preventing infestation.1 Activyl doesn't just kill adult fleas, it is unique in stopping flea eggs and larvae from developing. This breaks the flea life cycle and keeps your home and your pets safe from fleas.1,2 Ask your veterinarian if Activyl or Activyl Tick Plus for Dogs is right for your pet. Activyl Tick Plus For Dogs and Puppies combines indoxacarb for flea control with permethrin for tick protection. Indoxacarb is bioactivated by insect gut enzymes into a highly potent sodium channel blocker that blocks insect nerve impulse transmission. Permethrin provides broad-spectrum tick protection. Activyl Tick Plus for dogs stops fleas from feeding, kills fleas on dogs and in the home, kills 4 major tick species (D. variabilis, R. sanguineus, I. scapularis, and A. americanum), and repels t