Pet adoption saves the lives of homeless dogs and cats

Many of our cats and dogs can be flown to their new homes in the U.S. or Canada for free. Most of the pets that qualify for these free flights can be adopted without the adopter needing to visit our Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. However, because some of our animals have special needs (either behavioral or medical), we ask that interested adopters come to the Sanctuary to meet those pets. Email for more information.

Apr 21, 2017 - The free adoptions are valid for any cat (any age) and any dog over six months.

I have a chocolate lab that was a free dog. We adopted him on a Thursday. Had him vaccinated by Saturday and neutered a week and a half later. We are now considering training as there are a couple of quirks about him that the old owners did not mention (like constant barking) and aggressive behavior while on leash.
So as far as the free dog goes…not all people that adopt this way are bad families. I fell in love with a picture and he has a forever home.
Just be careful of who you give your dog to. Check references, visit homes, and ask for updates but before you even go there…make sure that when you get a dog make sure that you will be able to give him the forever home that he/she deserves so that you are not found in this kind of predicament.

Many breeds available, even puppies and kittens

If you are 60 or older, adopt any cat or dog, age 6 or older, for free. I work at a non-profit humane society. Our adoption fees are very low in comparison for what we invest in eachd pet. $100 for a fully vetted dog is far from unreasonable. We are not only a humane society but are also a holding facility for animal control. Being the only such facility in our county we are always at capacity. Sometimes we have to make hard choices because people are not responsible. 99% of the unwanted pets that come into our shelter are strays or owner surrenders brought in by animal control. Maybe 2% are owner claimed because people can easily replace their pet for free on Craigslist or similar sites. They do not care enough about their pets to pay a roaming fee or vaccinate their pet for rabies to avoid a fine from animal control. Therefore a lot of great pets are euthanize due to owner negligence. If they had to spend a week in a shelter they might think twice about where their next pet comes from.

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A FREE dog is NOT free…especially if they havent been altered or UTD on shots and not heartworm +. Also they cost to feed and care for..medically, grooming etc. If you CANT afford to pay an adoption fee, you do not need that pet. It is SO worth every penny to rescue a dog that has had to be medically cared for and socialized to be able to be adoptable. If the pet is coming from a loving home…you still get a great deal paying a small fee because the pet is already cared for. (in most cases). pay it and shut up. For the folks giving the pet away, well..know what your doing by giving this pet away. You are causing stress on this pet by changing its home to unfamiliar people. Make D*MN sure you HAVE TO give this pet up. If you make a habit of doing this more than once…you DO NOT EVER DESERVE OR NEED A PET! Let others adopt. Dont screw up another animals life by leaving them. People that give away animals like they are a piece of paper…do not deserve a pet. I can tell you one thing..I had 3 jobs, newly single, raising my 3 yr old daughter and i had a dog. I needed a place to live and most apts didnt allow pets. My mom tried to get me to get rid of my dog. i told her no I wasnt giving up my dog..i would find a place. AND I DID. A small one bdrm apt tucked away in a town. they were not fancy trust me..but i fixed it up cute and it was a very comfortable place to live. a yr later i was able to move to a nicer apt that allowed pets. this is what you call a true pet lover and owner. There isnt many reasons that are good to give up a pet..really there isnt.. BUT if you feel you what i have suggested below..check the people out taking your pet.

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