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American consumers are more sensitive than ever to claims that a product is made in America. That’s because of American’s fear of foreign ingredients is grounded in a long and tragic history of horrifying cases of food fraud; starting with the poisoning of hundreds, if not thousands, of American pets following the Chinese melamine contamination of ingredients used in pet food in 2007. Around the same time, dogs began to suffer from an unknown illness linked to jerky treats imported from China.

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Great list! However, I just looked up Wysong, and it looks like they have dog and made with rabbit meat, not food for rabbits. Which is unfortunate, because I was hoping to find some high-quality American-made rabbit food for my pet rabbit. :/

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Find Dog Food Made In America. Search Faster, Better & Smarter at ZapMeta Now! Is this safe dog food? I’ve been searching for some time now I had my dogs on Pedigree (I never realized the garbage I was feeding them) and after almost losing my baby I will never feed them that again!! I have them on Nutro Ultra but I’ve seen some horror stories online and after knowing of a friend who had her dogs on Nutro and all 5 of them would not stop throwing up I am now determined to find yet again another dog food. This is what my co work vet tech feeds hers dogs but I don’t like that its not entirely made in America. I feel at a loss I do not want to feed my dogs anything that has been recalled before either. If it helps I have an Australian Shepherd a Chorkie and Yorkie(the one I almost lost) she seems to have really bad allergies also thats why I’m looking for grain free. If anyone could please help!!! Also thank you for this extremely helpful website.

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Does anyone know if this food is made with all American made ingredients? I tried to find out from the store and never got a definitive answer. I do not want to feed my dog anything tha could have any chinese products in them. Is there a website where one can confirm where the ingredients are from? Thank you.

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Illinois resident Dale Sabo filed the suit in August, hoping to represent buyers he said were deceived by WellPet’s claims of American-made dog food, as the product...This is important! Buy only American Made for your dogs, cats, and other pets. This is the place you'll find all of our articles mentioning American Made products for pets, including food, treats, toys, bed, and more.Americans love their pets. In fact, of all families in the United States share their lives with a cat or dog, and that number continues to grow each year. Americans are also becoming more educated about the foods they feed themselves and their families. The “buzzwords,” as we like to call them, are everywhere – all natural, organic, pure, healthy, non-GMO – and, to those who know of the jerky treat pet deaths – Made in the USA. American consumers, therefore, have cause to be skeptical about what is actually in the food that they are purchasing for themselves, their children, and their pets. Currently, only automobile, textile, wool, and fur product manufacturers are required to disclose U.S. origin content, according to information from the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website, which states: “There is no law that requires most other products sold in the U.S. to be marked or labeled Made in USA or have any other disclosure about their amount of U.S. content.” Until the FDA and FTC enact stricter guidelines for food manufacturers, it is inevitable that more lawsuits will be filed.Amid the rush of recalls of Chinese-produced pet foods and children’s toys, American dog owners are taking a closer look at product labels on canine treats, chews and other playthings. These “pet parents” want to find out first-hand where these items are made to ensure their quality and safety.