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Usually UTIs clear up after antibiotic therapy, but sometimes they recur, either due to reinfection with the same or another bacterial species. The appropriate antibiotic to be used is identified via a urine culture. Modern medicine is, however, plagued by a rising incidence of antibacterial resistance and comes with additional costs, such as adverse effects on gut microflora increasing the risk of infection with Clostridium difficile and this in turn may lead to serious colon infections in dogs. The use of a natural plant based preventative for UTIs and struvite stones would clearly help to reduce the risk of antibacterial resistance and disturbances in gut microflora.

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The adverse effects of Clavamox tend to be harsher than amoxicillin alone, but in most cases pets are not at risk of any complications unless they are hypersensitive to penicillin (the drug is a penicillin antibiotic) or other β-lactam antibiotics such as cephalexin. We recommend that owners avoid giving this drug to a pregnant dog and be extra cautious when treating dogs with kidney or heart disease, or those who are dehydrated.

FDA Status: It is approved by the FDA for veterinary use both in the form of tablets and liquid drops under application numbers 055-099 and 055-101 respectively.

When my girl had a uti our vet perscribed Cephalexin I believe

Urinary Tract Infections are common in dogs so it's important to understand that the .. Sometimes when an infection simply cannot seem to be cleared up, the reason is a vaginal stricture. A vaginal stricture is a small narrowing in the vagina, creating a ledge for bacteria to colonize. If a female dog's UTI seems stubborn against antibiotics that the culture indicates should be effective, a vaginal exam may be warranted. A stricture can generally be broken down by the veterinarian's finger though some dogs find this painful and sedation may be needed.

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It's also possible that the vet is reluctant to do the testing. For example, my dog, Rebel, has a genetic kidney defect that leaves him prone to recurrent UTIs. When I moved to a small town in western Sonoma County years ago and started trying out the local vets, more than a few were very surprised that I wanted a urine culture done, and even actively discouraged me from doing it. Some of them continued to dismiss the idea, regardless of the fact that I was willing and able to pay for the tests -- and in fact was asking for them. Once I had to bluntly tell the veterinarian, "It's my money and it's my dog. I want the test," before she would order it. She had simply reached for the antibiotics the minute the words "bladder infection" were out of my mouth.

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