If Ants Are In Your Dog's Food Bowl And Food Bag.

Hints and Tips for Pet Care and Pet Safety Surround the food dish with water In the summertime, a favorite destination for ants is often a pet's food bowl. Here's a simple way to keep them out of your dog or cat's food—set the dish in a pan of water. Not only does it keep the ants out of the pet food, but your pet can take a gulp of water from the pan whenever he or she needs a drink.

Dear Gary: All of a sudden ants have come in and are after my dog’s food bowl.

Your pets won’t face the problem of diving into a bowl full of food and ants anymore with Eureka. This is an ingenious no-ants bowl system that has been designed to be the smartest, cleanest and most beautiful bowl for your cats and dogs. The set consists of two bowls, one for your pet’s food and the other for your pet’s drinking water.

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This is a great, natural, organic, inexpensive and safe way to keep ants out of your pet's Cat's or Dog's food bowl. To direct other ants in the colony to the food source, . These pheromones are basically like signs that tell other ants where to go. If you are already noticing ants hanging around your dog's bowl, it means that there's already a chemical trail that leads straight from the nest to your home. It's imperative that you eliminate these scents in order to erase the trail.

Storing and Protecting Pet Food

If you're used to leaving a bowl of kibbles out for your dog at all times, it's time to stop this habit. A bowl of kibbles on the floor is basically a huge buffet for ants. Instead, feed your dog on a set schedule and only leave the bowl of kibbles on the ground for a specific amount of time. If your dog does not finish all of the kibbles, seal their bowl and remove it from the floor so that it won't be accessible to the ants. If your dog is a messy eater, make sure you clean up any food that they have dropped on the floor as soon as possible.

Store extra food in sealed containers

I experimented with all the ways people try to solve this problem, the classic pie tin with water in it, placing the food bowls in different places every day to fool the ants- all that really did was irritate Ling-Ling and Binky- didn't trick the ants a bit..they would look at me like I was an idiot.... For me , the big flaw in the pie tin method was the water part- which ironically, was the working part of the whole deal. First, the dogs would usually drink it, second- I bring the dog bowls inside on the kitchen counter to prepare dinner , then bring them back outside, bringing in dripping wet bowls made the wife mad and mad wives are even worse than Ant problems.You can or the cracks of your windows, but if ants still find a way to sneak in and take over your dog or cat food bowl, try rubbing jelly directly on the bowl itself. The trick comes via Good Housekeeping: