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Mark, our Product Development Manager, explains exactly what makes Applaws dog food different than other dry dog foods on the market. Covers the importance of Meat Protein in your dog's diet and how to make sense out of your dog food label. For more info, go to

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I have recently rescued my first rescue dog we have rescued a 1yr old black Labrador from a rescue my sister was helping at. as she got on very well with the lab and she wanted me to meet him and I fell in love. we have had him now for 2months and there is something that is bothering me and has done ever since we brought him home and my sister does not understand (I live with my sister). I am unsure of what we are feeding him, the lab rescue we got him from said that the owner brought his food in with him as he has been fed applaws ever since he was 9weeks old. however as I fed my last dog raw because of what I learnt about dry dog food I am worried that applaws is not a good food. at the moment we are feeding him applaws in the morning (we have halved his daily amount) and we are feeding him cooked meals in the evening as I follow the Paleo diet so its all healthy for him I just cook the food rather than give it him raw.

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Applaws Dry Dog Food Chicken with Lamb Small and Medium Breed 2kg Pack of 2 * For more information, visit image link.

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