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Training a puppy or mature dog on artificial synthetic grass is very difficult because it is essentially like peeing on any other flat artificial surface in the house. If you can eventually get you dog to pee on an artificial grass system that uses fake dog potty grass for dogs you are very lucky, but that is only the start of your problems. Once they start peeing on synthetic grass they are prone to pee on other similar things like bath mats, door mats, rugs, blankets, etc. Natural dog potty grass is the grass dogs are used to using when they go for walks, and this makes your job of training them much easier. A fake grass system is the most difficult grass dog potty system to use.

Real & Artificial Grass pee pads for dogs are ideal during active and passive potty training.

Not everyone who uses a grass patch is lazy!! Don’t overgeneralize. My 8 week old Pomeranian puppy weighs only 2 pounds. He will probably be 4 – 5 pounds when he is full grown. He is trained to go on pee pads, artificial turf grass, and outside. He prefers outside but his bladder is very tiny. We take him out 4-5 times a day and tell him to go potty. He will go in a couple of minutes. Of course we have not had bad weather here yet. Not sure how that will go. He tried to be stubborn about going on wet grass but we didn’t let him get out of that. I think it is important for dogs to feel comfortable going outside in case you are traveling in a car and need to stop at rest stops, etc. However, for some folks indoor alternatives are certainly the best and most humane options.

Looks and feels like real grass, but lasts forever

Keep your pooch going on the green with Petco’s fake and artificial grass potty pads for dogs. I have a doggie potty area that my dogs can use 24/7 by using doggie door. The artificial grass is over 10 years old and I've decided to replace it. What do I need to know before I purchase it. It was installed professionally but we want to do it ourselves. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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When using artificial grass for dogs potty you must clean the synthetic surface on a daily basis or else you will have some serious urine smells to deal with. You will have to clean the synthetic surface with expensive and harmful cleaners that are not safe for your home or your dog. Also, many dog potty systems use a urine tray that also needs to be emptied and cleaned as well.

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is an excellent indoor potty solution for several reasons. First, for those who would prefer not to clean a potty, DoggieLawn is "no fuss no muss." It comes in a "pizza box" type cardboard container that you can simply throw out when it's full and replace it with a new one when it's needed. Second, for pets and owners who prefer something that is not artificial, DoggieLawn is real grass. It smells like grass and feels like grass because it IS real grass and dogs seem to really like it for doing their business. Third, this product is effective. And fourth - this is the one I love...I did a dog door leading to a small fenced in dog yard with artificial turf (made especially for dogs) and could not be happier with that decision. Instead of letting my dogs out into my yard and having them ruin the grass (which always looked terrible in the dog area of my last house) , they now have a specially designated area just for potty time. It always looks nice, doesn't need to be cut or watered, and so far no smells or issues at all, it's super low maintenance and much nicer looking than patchy pee burned grass. The dogs used it right away, no issues, and another nice thing I've noticed is no more muddy paws when they come in on a rainy day since it's almost like an outdoor carpet.