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Coincidentally, sign language is also used to communicate when the dog is deaf. The website for the Deaf Dog Education Action Fund states, "Training a deaf dog is really not so very different from training a hearing one, you just 'talk' in a different language" (Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website, n.d., para. 1). The website explains that, "Because we depend so much on speech, we tend to think that dogs communicate that way too, when in fact, they don't" (Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website, n.d., para. 1). It further notes that, "Dogs who compete for obedience titles are required to learn hand signs to receive their UD (Utility Dog) title" (Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website, n.d., para. 1). With regard to the use of hand signs, the website indicates that any sign or gesture can be used; however, many people choose to use American Sign Language (ASL). An advantage of doing so is that anyone who knows ASL can communicate with the dog. Another advantage of using ASL with the dogs is that it eliminates the challenge of making up all your own hand signs (Deaf Dog Education Action Fund website, n.d.).

Sign language for dogs...yes they can learn ASL. You teach them the same as you would with a verbal command.

A great tool is the American Sign Language pocketbook. As your vocabulary increases, so will your dogs. At first she will concentrate on facial expressions instead of words. Begin with sit, down, stay, come, no and stop. When you dog understands these words in ASL, begin adding a new one, cookie, etc. Always keep your dog on a leash when walking. The leash, and a fenced yard or stake and lead are necessities with the deaf dog becuase he will not hear you to come. A hunting dog bell on the dog is an added plus, but any kind of jingle bell allows you to hear your dog when he is on the move. If you have a big yard, it can be difficult to know where to find him if he falls asleep in a hidden spot somewhere - because calling him will do no good.

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ASL - dog When teaching your dog to “stay,” Christina suggests using the ASL hand signal then taking a step back. If he stays, he gets a hand flash to mark his good behavior. Repeat, taking an additional step back each time.

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Begin by holding a healthy treat at the tip of your dog’s nose, then draw the offering back behind his head until he sits. When using the ASL sign for “sit”, place the treat between your thumb and palm while making the sign.

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ASL Solutions Inc. was founded in 2000. The two founders Howard Atkison and Bob Guinn have over 60 years of manufacturing experience. They have had more than four generations of large outside dogs in their immediate families. For years they have searched for a manufactured dog house with real insulation and a door that could not be destroyed. This combination of events has led to the creation of the "Dog Palace" insulated dog house. This is the first manufactured insulated dog house with real foam (Styro/EPS) insulation and an indestructible self- closing insulated door.

ASL had several requests for a smaller dog house that had all of the features of the "Dog Palace". In June 2006 we began manufacturing our new smaller insulated dog house the DP Hunter. The DP Hunter has all the features of the original "Dog Palace" but is sized for smaller dogs (beagles, dachshund, etc.) or cats. In 2009 ASL introduced the Dog Palace Floor Heaters that were designed specifically to fit in the ASL dog houses and keep the cord outside of the dog house. The dog house was equipped with an innovative heater portal to accommodate this new feature.Communicating with a deaf dog is not as hard as it seems. Deaf dogs are intent watchers of body language and facial expressions. You probably already use expressions your dog understands already. A wave to come, palm out to halt or stop, hugs and rubs for I love you. Dogs are the perfect students to learn ASL - and deaf dogs even more so. Many trainers believe that communicating with your dog using American Sign Language is easier than voice commands. When training a dog which already understands verbal commands, you simply add the sign, eventually dropping the word. For example, once the dog is in the sitting position, show him the sign for "sit". The sign for good dog is made by placing the fingers of your right hand on your lips, then moving them to your left hand.In 2011 ASL introduced the personalized dog house. This option allows the dog owner to have their dogs name on the Dog Palace door. The letters are heat transferred to the plastic door.