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I went back and read through your links and I still find them unclear, but I may be missing something. I do find several problems with your site. You state that you carry premium foods, yet the only choices you have are very limited (2 choices of dog food, not 4) subpar options, something I would never choose. So I would be paying $39/month for nothing I would buy. You state that you are different as I can schedule whenever when I want. I am signed up on a website for autoship and yet I can go back and change my delivery to a different time, any day I choose, sooner or later than the original autoship date. I can also change the products I want. So how is your ordering policy different?

Save up to 20% on select regular-priced dog or cat foods eligible for Auto Delivery.

Simply select either "monthly" or "every 3 month" delivery when you're adding dog food, treats and other nutritional products to your shopping cart and we'll do the rest! As an added bonus, we'll give you 5% off those items you choose to have automatically filled.

Auto Ship Program - Pet Supplies

up to 20% on select regular-priced dog or cat foods eligible for Auto Delivery. With Petco Repeat Delivery, you are guaranteed to receive the lowest online prices on eligible pet food and supplies as well as free shipping on all Repeat Delivery orders and add-ons. Sale prices are automatically applied – no coupons needed. Save up to 20% on select brands of qualifying orders for dog or cat food delivery, supplements and all other eligible pet supplies. You are not charged until your delivery ships.

Simplify Life Automatic Delivery Program at Only Natural Pet

Auto-Delivery also offers you price protection from manufacturers increases, and is backed by the Smiley Dog Golden Rule Guarantee. It is simply the easiest way to get your favorite pet foods to the door.

Auto Ship Dog Food – Why Not Give it a Try? | petMD

Do you run out of dog food at dinner time and have to run to the store? Are you frequently running out of pet food? Auto delivery may be for you!I have had a wonderful experience with ordering from Chewy for my dog. First of all the diet he was required to be on, could only be bought on line. No retailer in my area sold it. Secondly, I was able to change the automatic delivery very easily as his appetite diminished and it did arrive on the date that I wanted it to. I never experienced expired food. I have nothing but great and wonderful things to say about this company. Then when my best friend passed away I was devastated, but had to inform them to take me off the automatic shipping program. They were so understanding, compassionate to me they even sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers. I cried my heart out. You can't ask for better service. Thank you Chewy for always being here for me.