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The Talking Automatic Dog Ball Thrower Launcher is the only talking dog fetch machine on the market. When your dog drops the 1.5″ mini tennis ball in the funnel, Gotcha will say “Good Dog” and upon launching will say “Get the Ball.” Dogs love this sort of positive reinforcement, but the sound can be shut off via a switch at the bottom.

GoDogGo G3 Auto Ball Launcher for Dogs is a superior quality automatic ball thrower for dogs.

The Automatic Ball Launcher has clearly audible prompts to help communicate with pets playing with it. The sounds let them know that the ball is about to be thrown. The 15 minutes of rest after 15 minutes of play help prevent dogs with strong predatory chase drives from becoming overexerted. In some dogs, this drive is so strong that they can continue playing past the point of exhaustion to an unhealthy level. As you know your dog best, you can continue with games of fetch or other fun activities during this period of rest if you feel your pets aren’t yet ready for a break. This also helps keep the play time with the Automatic Ball Launcher as a fun activity that is different from your normal play behaviors. The throw distance of the Automatic Ball Launcher can be adjusted with the knobs on the sides of the unit. As it has 9 distance and 6 angle settings, the Automatic Ball Launcher can launch the ball anywhere from 8 - 30 feet. If you need assistance with these adjustments, please give us a call for troubleshooting and setup help!

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So before I let you into the wonderful world of the best automatic ball thrower for dogs, let’s see what these machines really are? I recommend you go through our selections of best automatic ball thrower for dogs and choose the one that suits your pet’s needs and give you the best bang for your buck at the same time.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy | Petco

The DoggyFun Automatic Ball Thrower is yet Another excellent fetching machine that is sure to give you the best bang for your buck. This machine is specially built for small-sized dogs who loves to play fetch for hours.

PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher Dog Toy

Go Dog Go Fetch Machine automatic ball launcher and tennis ball thrower for dogs was invented out of necessity for our fetch & ball crazy Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Hershey's obsession demands for constant fetching and a tennis ball play demanded continuous & intense human interaction.We are proud to manufacture the original GoDogGo Fetch Machine automatic ball thrower for the health, safety, and happiness of ball-crazy, fetch-loving dogs around the world.