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Happy Sunday! I found this post while doing research for a post I’m writing on my blog about using baby wipes on dogs. Thank you for this great information. I pulled a quote from the blog and linked it back to this post. I anticipate the post to go live in the first couple weeks of May.

baby wipes safe for dogs?

Some dogs have the most gigantic ears! Think about how much stuff can get trapped in those adorable things. They do serve a purpose, you know. You can take baby oil and wipe out the inside of the ear. Be very careful as their ears are sensitive inside just like ours are! You can also get ear wipes for your pup: ,

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Just wondering if anyone has ever used baby wipes on their dog instead of wipes made for dogs Well the big difference between using a wipe on a baby and using one on a dog that most people don't consider is, babies don't lick their bottoms, so there is no chance of them ingesting the ingredients contained in the wipes. Although some people may use the wipes on their baby's hands & feet, that is not their intended use unless it is stated it is for that. Also, there are many things that humans can ingest that won't harm them, but could harm a dog. Dogs often lick themselves, especially when they smell something unusual on their body, so they can and would ingest it. Also, there are many things that humans can ingest that won't harm them, but could harm a dog. I had read of several cases where people had said that they had used wipes on their dog regularly not knowing it could be harmful, and later the dog died from it, which was why I posted the comment.

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You should NOT use baby wipes on a dog. Many baby wipes contain Propylene Glycol, which I have read from many sources is toxic to dogs. Given how difficult it can be to determine what is and is not safe for dogs, I would not chance it.

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As with anything, it’s always best to use products made specifically for dogs because dogs have a different pH than humans. With that said, dog wipes can easily cost twice the price of regular baby wipes, so I understand the temptation. Plus, I understand the thought process of “If it’s good enough for a newborn baby, then it must be fine for my dog.” Hold on though. Dogs are different than babies; babies don’t normally lick themselves after a baby wipe down.we replaced the baby wipes with real wipes what are made for dogs… I’m technically a baby, but a dog-baby so we switched to the better stuff now :o)It is important to use pet wipes specifically formulated for dogs. Most wipes such as baby wipes contain an ingredient called Propylene Glycol that could harm your dog (especially if your dog is a licker). Make sure to read the ‘wipes label’ before using on your dog.anyway- i was wondering if anyone has a more 'dog friendly' list of baby wipe brands? i looked up lists of more 'natural' baby wipes but it was still a hard list to find dog safe wipes on as half the 'organic' materials are still poisonous to dogs even if they are biodegradable and good for baby butts.