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These metal outdoor dog kennels for sale not only work very well in the backyard, but they are also portable dog pens! This means that if you are taking a family trip to your favorite camping spot, you can take along your play pen and your dog will have a safe place to stay. With this accomplished, you get the tent all to yourself!

backyard dog run ideas | How to Build a Chain Link Kennel for Your Dog

Both dog runs styles are designed to provide the toughness needed for medium and large aggressive dogs at an affordable price, but they are great for smaller pets too. Both styles are industrial grade kennels! If you need a super strong dog cage for large or aggressive dogs; then you've come to the right place, these all steel enclosures are virtually indestructible! Our systems are great for both backyard and indoors. These systems have been selected by many dog facilities and police departments around the country to keep their valuable and highly trained working dogs safe. Both styles have our large 32" wide door that swings both ways, making it easy to access the cage for dog houses, maintenance or to access other accessories. The K9 Kennel is great as an exercise dog pen or dog run as they can be easily expandable; the modular sections pin together using only two bolts per panel. Panel sizes come in 4ft, 6 ft., and 8 ft. lengths, and all panels are a full 6 ft. tall.

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backyard dog run ideas | How to Build a Chain Link Kennel for Your Dog Encourage people to adopt from a local shelter, humanesociety or rescue organization. Remember, sheltershave many purebred dogs. For those set on buying aregistered purebred, visit a breed rescue group orethical breeder -- never a pet shop, commercial kennelor backyard breeder.


The only major con that we were able to find for outdoor kennel for dogs, is that usually the chain-link dog kennels are very aesthetically pleasing. They do tend to take up a good amount of room in your backyard, and they don’t look the best.

Backyard Unlimited offers 8'x12' Board & Batton Dog Kennel.

Outdoor dog kennels are must-have for every pet owner that does not have a fenced in backyard. After dog kennels provide a way for your pooch to run around freely without having the threat of them
escaping the yard. Not only does this provide your pet with much needed exercise, but it keeps them in a safe and very comforting environment.The PetSafe Box Kennel for Pets provides a giant enclosure that will keep your pets safe and happy in your backyard. This dog kennel is made of a wonderful galvanized steel chain-link metal. The size is truly amazing. If you have multiple dogs, they will be allowed to run freely and play happily within this enclosure. It provides them an ample amount of room to run around and enjoy themselves. You also have the option of purchasing a sunshade cover so your dogs can even be placed inside of the outside dog kennel on the sunniest and most sweltering of days. The stock kennel is also suitable for indoor use, should you have the luxury of having enough room within your home.