This Dog Loves His Ball Pit—Here's How You Can Too - Maxim

The pup can be seen running across the room and jumping into a second pit of balls. He spins for a moment and then takes a moment to just stop and relish in the new-found fun. The other dogs in the video seem dumbfounded by the dog’s reaction and watch as the dog runs back and forth between the two pits of balls.

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The helps entertain dogs like Bruce with ball pits. Here they can get exercise and have a blast until adopted. Sounds like a win-win for everyone! 🙂

Want To Surprise Your Dog With Something Fun? Try This DIY Ball Pit

So… I saw this awesome video of a dog LOVING the little ball pit his humans set up for him The ball pit at any children's fun time place is the highlight attraction. What isn't fun about wading through a see of plastic balls? Dogs, are like children, in the respect that they find ball pits highly amusing. Last year for Maymo's birthday. His owner got him one hundred of the plastic balls. After noting that Maymo really enjoyed playing with these toys, the owner, decided to go even bigger this year with a do it yourself ball pit.

Pug goes crazy in his first ball pit! - YouTube

The video, posted by , is focused on Maymo who is resting on the couch. Slowly, the furniture gets pushed closer to the rug in the center of the room. The rug is pushed up by the furniture on every side. That side is then taped to which every piece of furniture it's resting against to create the pit. The owner than releases a box of plastic balls into the make shift pit, much to the dog's excitement. The last pits of the video are of the dog happily jumping into the pit and munching on the plastic balls. So much so, that one might try to make the pit just for themselves.

Pug goes crazy in his first ball pit