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Harry Barker dog bedrolls are ideal for crates, cars, or while on vacation. Like our regular dog beds, our bedrolls are durable, eco-friendly and stuffed with our padding made from recycled plastic bottles. Not only are these bedrolls durable and naturally mildew resistant, they’re also available in a variety of bright colors and Harry Barker exclusive stylish prints.

The “Pros” of the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed outweigh its “Cons” by far and for this reason;

Unquestionable. The first place as the best dog bed on our list is of course taken by the masterpiece of all best beds for dogs, the famous Big Barker 7 Inch Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed that has been known as possibly the best dog product ever made.

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So, for fun, I greatly sped up this video of the girls and I unpacking our Big Barker dog bed. It’s no wonder this dog bed is one of the most popular for owners with large breeds. See why owners rave about the Big Barker and why it’s one of the highest recommended dog beds online!

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Whether you need a new dog bed cover or are just looking to change up your style, Harry Barker offers dog bed covers for beds of all shapes and sizes. Choose from beautiful patterns like dog toile, stripes, and animal print – all made from eco-friendly, heavy duty, machine washable fabrics.

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dear big barker, i was told to email you about a possible waterproof cover for your dog beds as my dane is 10 years old and pees when she gets up and is sleeping. I am not able to wash the cover that often and wanted information about a waterproof cover

Big Barker Dog Beds are purpose built for large breeds and sets the bar for quality. These high end dog beds come in 3 sizes (L, XL, Giant) and are made from the highest quality materials…so much so that the manufacturer guarantees the foam core will retain 90% of its original shape for 10 years or you’ll get a refund. When you combine the amount of time a dog spends on its bed with the sheer weight of a large dog, a money back guarantee like this is very impressive and a testament to quality craftsmanship.

To view the entire review, go to the link above or to purchase, go here: New dog owners often ask me what dog supplies they are going to need. Alongside the necessities, I always recommend to get a quality dog bed, and Big Barker dog beds are currently the most popular. Full review:

"As I explain in my video review, a Big Barker dog bed is specifically calibrated for large dogs. The picture above shows the interior makeup of the 'Headrest' addition, which is what I have. The 'Sleek' addition is the same, but without the 4" contoured foam headrest on the top."

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We didn’t even buy him a dog bed until he was 14, since he seemed “happy enough,” but knowing now what I’ve learned about how dogs hide pain, I wish I could have gotten him a Big Barker to provide comfort for my senior pal’s golden years.