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Sometimes even small dogs can seem larger than life when they're misbehaved or running rampant! But small dogs are different than their larger friends and need different types of training and fencing solutions. Popular training, bark control, and containment systems use a special receiver collar to teach the dog. Many of these collars are just too big and cumbersome to be useful or comfortable for a little dog. At Flexpetz we recognize the importance of training and containment solutions that are just right for you and your dog. That's why we offer electric dog fences, bark control collars, and remote training collars specifically designed for smaller dogs. These training and fencing systems feature toned-down correction levels and smaller receiver collars appropriate for dogs in the 8-20 lb. range.

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Looking for the right collar for your dog can seem a daunting task. It is best to train using a bark collar for small dog is not easy and collars designed for this type of training are available to help you from barking needlessly at every little noise. Here are ten of the best out there from that rate pretty well with dog owners in reviews which help while finding the perfect bark collar for your small lovely dogs.

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The ultrasonic bark collar is meant for sensitive and small breed dogs or even puppies. Our top shock collar contenders run the gamut in terms of price, and we urge potential customers to consider their personal dog behavioral modification needs before committing to a specific brand. Indoor dogs with inappropriate barking or property destruction issues often need a different form of correction that hunting dogs working in heavy brush. Some shock collar systems deliver much more powerful electrostatic charges than others, which can affect smaller breeds more negatively than larger breeds. Price is definitely an important consideration, but the animal's comfort and safety should always be a higher one. The idea is correction, not punishment.

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Hello, You are correct most ultra sonic devices are for the most part useless. We literally sell thousands of the Petsafe elite little dog bark control for dogs as small and smaller than yours. These collars where designed for barkie dogs, most of the barkie dogs are 10 pounds and under. This device is completely safe and can not cause any harm to your dog. PetSafe has been manufacturing these types of devices for almost 20 years and they would not still be on the market if they could cause physical harm to your pet. Feel free to call us or live chat with us anytime, also be aware that this is guaranteed to solve your barking issues or we will take it back as a return.

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