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In short order, Bat-Hound met the other members of the burgeoning Batman family, notably () and (). At one point, in fact, the other-dimensional imp bequeathed Ace with Krypto-level super-powers, but a side-effect of the spell made Bat-Hound susceptible to the commands of others—including criminals. After realizing that he'd made Ace the pawn of a gang of thieves, Bat-Mite restored the dog to normal.

BATMAN dog name tag pet id tag. Handcrafted brass and nickel silver. Custom handstamped.

Ace the Bathound is Batman’s faithful dog. Ace was a German Shepherd in the 1950s-era Batman comic books, but has had various incarnations throughout the years.

Dog Halloween Costume Contest: Batman and Robin

Bat Dog Quickie Costume Collar Attachment: Black and Yellow (Gift for Marvel, Batman, Comic Lover) Dress your dog up this Halloween in one of these detailed costumes from Rubie's. Choose from Batman, Wonder Woman, Star Wars Ewok, Star Wars Yoda, Captain America, Despicable Me, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, and many more.

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or would be at the top of the list for obvious reasons, but what about naming your fuzzy friend after Dick’s daffy Aunt Harriet? Or perhaps a super-villain is more to your taste. How about Mr. Zsasz? Or Colonel Blimp? The possibilities are nearly endless. Here’s a selection of fantastic Batman-themed dog names along with the dogs most suited to them to spark your creativity.

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For even the furriest crime fighter on the block, this Batman dog collar is a functional accessory for your pampered pooch. It is custom handmade from nylon webbing and features the batman insignia alFunny Text Message Dog - Postman tried to push stuff through the door. That's his JOB. And it's my job to stop him. Who appointed you?? YOU DID. WHEN YOU LET THE SCUM TAKE OVER OUR CITY. OMFG You're insane. I'M BATDOG.Turn your Dog into a superhero with The Batman Dog Costume by Pet Threads! Boasting a design that features a flowing cape, yellow belt and bat symbol, the costume is a novelty way of keeping your Dog warm. The Batman Dog Costume also has a drawstring collar for secure wear. #batdog #batman #dogs #dogcostumes #dogoutfitsIf there is a batman, there has got to be a batdog around too, and we have just happened to find one in this interesting flash game. Navigate the batdog through various levels and missions. Go Batdog go! Shoot the kryptonite shards that are in the air as you hover on your board as Batdog.