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So, what's four-foot long, handy for pet attachment and covered in the Riddler's trademark question mark symbol®? Why it's the Riddler Symbols Dog Leash, of course! Okay, so if you're even going to qualify that as one, it was a really weak riddle - considering you're on this page and looking directly at the answer to said 'riddle'. Actually, it probably made Riddler fans everywhere wince. But fans of Batman's crazy conundrum-spouting nemesis will be immediately heartened by the existence of the Riddler Symbols Dog Leash, which will allow them to properly trumpet props to their favorite Batman villain!

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Measuring 4 feet long, the Batman Symbols Dog Leash is Batman's first choice for when he has to walk Ace the Bat-Hound...that is when he doesn't make Alfred do it! Man, that Alfred. That guy deserves a medal for everything he has to put up with! At least Bruce Wayne should take his own dog for a walk every once in awhile...he even has the stylish Batman Symbols Dog Leash! Well, maybe that's the reason he doesn't. Wayne might give away his secret identity by using this Batman Symbols Dog Leash, which proudly displays several bat logos. Suppose that is for the better, because now you can show off your Bat-pride! You know you need the Batman Symbols Dog Leash.

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Batman Seat Belt Buckle Dog Leash Matches Collars (21 AUD) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring necklaces, animals, batman, accessories and pets And if you are bringing your pet rabbit or bird into a clinic full of dogs on leash, consider putting your small pet into a protective carrier. I watched a man bring his rabbit in wrapped in a towel. I had to move Batman clear across the room after the rabbit started twitching its ears. Batman was way too focused on that bunny.

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A man with a corgi had the corgi on a retractable leash. The lock was not set on the leash, so the corgi had about 20 feet of leash to play with. The man was engrossed in his cell phone for 10 minutes while the corgi explored and got tangled around chair legs. When I body blocked the corgi from approaching Batman, the owner said “he’s friendly.” Awesome, so is my dog, but he doesn’t want to meet your dog right now. The owner became argumentative about the benefits of dogs having friends. I chose a new place to sit in the waiting room.

DC Comics Batman Dog Leash Cape.

Do be an advocate for your dog. If you know your dog does not like slip leads, then insist that he be walked on his regular leash and collar or harness. If your dog is afraid of tight hugs, ask the staff to practice low stress handling techniques. For example, Batman does not like to be safe hugged, but if you stand in front of him and gently massage his ears while holding his head he will stand still for most procedures without issue. He also is highly food motivated so a hot dog in front of his nose will also get him to work well with staff for procedures. Do not assume the clinic staff understands low stress handling. Ask how your dog will be restrained, what the procedure will look like and offer suggestions on how to make your dog’s experience the best it can be. If your dog is better with you by his side ask if it is possible for you to handle your dog during his procedure (I have not had much luck getting anyone to let me handle Batman, but other people I’ve spoken with have been allowed to handle their dogs).