Beagle dog harness - Nylon dog harness for tracking/pulling.

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I will carry a beagle like this in a harness on my chest. With a dog that cute, who wouldn't?

Like most dogs the Beagle needs regular exercise, preferably twice a day if living in a suburban environment. Ideally they are much more suited to country life, where they can run free in large secure spaces. And, always be aware that they are 'scent hounds' and once they put their nose to the ground, they will follow the scent regardless of their surroundings. It's as though they forget about their visual and sound senses, and for this reason they should, always, be walked on a harness.

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Hand Made Genuine Leather Pet Dog Harness for Medium Large Dogs Beagle Bulldog #Unbranded Evie & Millie out in their Ruffwear dog gear, wearing a Cloud Chaser dog coat and a Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness. Have fun you two and stay warm! #ruffwear #frontrange #barksandbunnies #beagle

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I'm with Bam-Bam GENTLE LEADER HARNESS ALL THE WAY! Of course both of us have mastiffs.

if your beagle is pulling these harnesses will put a stop to it without hurting your pet. If it will work with 200 pound dogs it will work with a beagle. Eventually they will realize pulling won't get them anywhere and you can just go to a regular collar.

When using a gentle leader harness or any harness I would leave a collar on just for the purpose of having ID. I have seen dogs break regular harnesses and then not have any sort of ID on them.

As far as leaving a harness on a dog, it should only be for outside, I have seen dogs wear harnesses full time and have skin irritation issues because it's harder to keep them adjusted properly and they just cover more skin, leaving more to get irritated.

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1. Your beagle should have a collar and a harness and both should be clipped to the leash. If you are using a harness with the clip on the back of the dog, then you will need a leash coupler with two hooks to attach to both collar and harness or use two leashes.If you cannot stop your Beagle from pulling in all directions on the lead or control lunges, seek professional training help. Only as a last resort should you consider purchasing a no pull harness or Gentle Leader. These are specially designed to make pulling uncomfortable or impossible. They may end unruly behavior, but should only be considered temporary solutions. The goal of lead training should always be to walk your dog with a regular collar and lead. The best training will teach your dog how to behave, not force it to.