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Bees are attracted to sweet smells. So, if you are out and about with your dog, lay off the perfume and deodorant, as it might bring some unwelcome guests during playtime or your walk.

Everyone will be buzzing about the adorable Casual Canine Bee Mine Dog Costume this Halloween!

Some canine athletes are fed bee pollen to improve their strength and stamina; some owners give it to their dogs as an all-purpose supplement or to prevent allergy symptoms. For best results, avoid inexpensive imported heat-processed pollen in favor of raw, unprocessed pollen from local beekeepers. Fresh bee pollen is slightly moist and requires refrigeration.

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Three squeaky bees are hiding in their bee hive. Can your dog pull them out? This free crochet dog sweater pattern would make a fantastic bumble bee costume for your puppy to wear on Halloween. It is also a great sweater to keep your chilly dog warm in the winter... no pun intended haha! Just don't forget to customize your creation with additional accessories such as a cute flower, dog antenna headband, or anything else that you can think of.

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Working for the department’s Apiary Inspection Program, the three -year-old yellow Labrador retriever helps Preston inspect commercial hives for American Foulbrood — one of the most widespread and the most destructive of the honey bee colony diseases. A trained dog can inspect 100 honeybee colonies in 45 minutes, versus human inspectors who average 45 colonies in one day. Early detection of the disease saves Maryland beekeepers substantial monetary loss from eradication of diseased bees and destruction of infected equipment.

Mini Super Queen Bee Dog - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Mack, the bee-sniffing dog, and handler Cybil Preston were honored as the second recipients of Governor Hogan’s Customer Service Heroes Award. The award, presented monthly, recognizes and celebrates front line workers for customer service excellence. Preston is the chief apiary inspector for the Maryland Department of Agriculture. The department is the only one in the country with a bee-disease sniffing dog on staff – a position held by five canines since 1982.. What more needs to be said? . Pages and pages of dogs dressed as bees. Make sure you take the time to read the links and go to the next page because they get more ridiculous as they go.Using bee dogs like Mack is cost-effective for Maryland since apiary inspections are a free service for commercial beekeepers and hobbyists. Mack’s job involves walking by beehives and sniffing the exteriors for traces of American Foulbrood infestation. When he detects the odor, he alerts Preston by sitting. Mack can only work in the colder weather from November to March – when bees are dormant – to avoid being stung.Bees may sting, but they create some of the world’s most valuable, versatile products. Honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis, and even the venom from bee stings are all touted for their human health benefits – and many experts say that dogs derive the same advantages.