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So much classier than just a novelty nylon christmas collar- this Jingle Bell collar is made of supple leather, quality hardware, and real bells that jingle with every step. The bells on this collar have a bit of a muted jingle- nice for indoor dogs so there isn’t a constant jingle! Made in the USA by master leathercrafters, this collar will look great for many Christmas seasons to come.

Our  compliments this bell perfectly and allows you to easily attach it to your dog's collar.

I put falconry bells on my dog collars, they're much tougher than craft bells and have a clear and distinctive sound. It helps to locate busybodies that are in deep brush and slow to recall. I zip tie to the D-ring and clip the end off. They can be hung alone, in pairs, and in different size combinations so that each dog has it's own sound.

Dog Collar Bells - #2 Bell - New England Bells

This bell sounds different from our Swiss Collar Bell, so you can keep track of two dogs. Gun Dog: A medium sized hunting dog collar cow bell great for those moderate to close ranging gun dogs! Comes with nylon strap that easily slides over any collar!

Hunting Dog Collar Bell Set - #4 and #6 Bells - New England Bells

Gun Dog: A small cow bell with a soft sound. Perfect for those close ranging dogs and for those of us who just like a quieter bell. Complete with a nylon strap that slips easily over your hunting dog's collar.

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I recently purchased a #4 bell for my hunting dog. The bell is of superior quality and the leather strap looks tough. My one concern is that after a short time in snowy conditions it froze up and did not ring. I don't know if there is a way to avoid this but a solution would be helpful for use in cold climates. This is my second dog collar New England Bell. I have the number 2 bell and wanted to get one with a different ring so that I could easily tell were each dog was. Lower ring than the #2 so all's good!

Really well made in the USA.The Swiss have used bells for centuries to locate their cattle herds in the open Alpine meadows and their style of bell-making has been adapted for tracking hunting dogs. Swiss style bells have a full tone that rings clear and this small size is perfect for close-ranging flushers, spaniels, retrievers and versatile dogs. If you have multiple dogs, choose from our different styles and sizes of bells for different tones to track each dog individually. Made in the USA from steel that is glazed to prevent rusting. 2 in. in diameter at the opening and 1 3/4 in. tall. You can either slide the bell directly on to a 3/4 in. collar strap or use one of our or .I purchased two of these for our farm dogs. We have a husky and a border collie. It slipped onto their 1 inch collar with ease and the sound is exactly what I wanted. These bells are much nicer than I expected. I couldn't be any happier with my purchase.