May 15, 2001 - For example, he struck a bell when the dogs were fed

And I often recommend teaching your dog or puppy to ring a bell to alert you to when it is time that he wants to go outside. So in this article, I want to bell ringing down in a simple form on its own.

At first I teach my dogs to ring the bell for a treat and don’t associate it with going outside.

If your dog starts ringing the bell more than it should because he/she just wants to go out, take them out, but if they don’t potty bring them back in. It’s important that the dog knows the bell is for potty, not for play. Many people are in awe of the fact that our dogs rings a bell to let us know they need to go out and I have to admit it’s a beautiful thing. I’m a proud dog mama.

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It doesn't cause for a dog to mark your doors accidentally like hanging bells. Go all the way into the confinement area or all the way outside with your dog (another reason you need to tell your guests, "just a minute!"), and then have a click-and-treat party with the high-value rewards! Add lots of praise and fun talk. You really want your dog to think this is the most wonderful game in the world so that when you do add the doorbell, it is no big deal and your dog will start to head toward the confinement area. You can also do a food confetti party, by tossing lots of food around as you leave. Much later, when all training has been completed, you can offer a stuffed Kong, or a wonderful chew treat for your dog to work on as you leave him in the confinement area. If you are working with more than one dog, only do this if you know that the dogs won't fight over these treats.

I would caution that this bell isnt for the close working dog though

We have used bells on the door for our dogs for , I don't know, 30-40 YEARS? Nothing new. Go to the craft store at Christmas and pick up a big round bell, hang it from a string or a ribbon. Cost-around $3.00. House trained dogs go to the door when they want out anyway, they are bound to bump into the bell. If you want small bells like in the picture, they are around 6 for $1.00. Sorry but this is not something I would pay for.

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This is not a you want on (command). What you want is for your dog to learn that ringing the bell gets her outside when she needs to go to the toilet and at no other time.Some dogs will find bell ringing intrinsically reinforcing, regardless of what happens after the bell is rung. These dogs are not easy to teach to ring a bell only when needing to toilet.This training is not just for puppies. Older dogs can learn too. You can successfully train an older dog to ring the bell. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I taught my 5 year old rescue dog in a matter of days. 1. Your dog must be housetrained BEFORE teaching this . Bell training is NOT an effective housetraining method for many reasons. It is only useful after your dog is housetrained.