Curry brush is best used for short hair dog that sheds a lot.

After the animal has been brushed with a bristle brush, the best thing to use is a rubberized glove-type of brusher. It fits over the hand and with the use of static, can remove the rest of the loosened hairs that would usually end up on your clothing. A good rubbing with the rubber glove will give that short-haired pet a really glossy coat. I find the best way to use one of these gloves is to take the dog outside and rub from back of head to base of tail. Stroke only in one direction, head to tail, and never against the grain. Really go at it. The dog will enjoy the "Petting" and the birds will thank you, especially during the dog's spring shedding period, for the loose hairs that are certain to be left behind after the job is done. The shedding dog hair makes great nesting materials for the birds. I recommend doing this type of brushing outside. The hair tends to go into the air rather than stay stuck to the glove.

A bristle brush is best for short-haired dogs with easily managed coats

Curry brush is a multi-functional brush made of rubber or plastic. The name of curry brush comes from the fact that you need to curry or rub the brush over the dog’s coat. Curry brush is best used for short hair dog that sheds a lot.

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Jump to Best Slicker Brush for Short Haired Dogs - Best Slicker Brush for Short Haired Dogs .. Also called a rake, a slicker brush is a grooming tool for medium and large dogs with long fur. This brush has a metal loop with short teeth that are ideal for grabbing and removing long, thick loose hair. The slicker brush is especially effective on breeds with substantial coats such as collies and huskies, and works well on a dog that requires extensive brushing during shedding periods. However, because this type of grooming tool is made of sturdy metal, it is not the best brush for smaller breeds with delicate skin.

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A bristle brush is best for short-haired dogs with easily managed coats. Bristle brushes have either natural or nylon bristles; some higher-quality brushes will have both. This type of brush is good at removing debris and loose hair from the dog's skin and coat, and also good for finishing and smoothing long-haired coats.

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Before you can begin the brushing process, make sure that you have the right tools for the job. A slicker brush and a flea comb are best for dogs with long or thick fur—you want to reach beneath your pet’s top coat when brushing. Soft-bristled brushes work fine for most shorthaired pets, but they simply aren’t up to the challenge when it comes to dogs with fuller coats. Do be careful that you don’t scratch your pet’s skin with a slicker brush, though. Gentle, meticulous brushing always works best.At this point I have been using a lint roller (the one with tape on it) to grab the loose hair. It does work well, but gets filled up very rapidly and doesn't do much except get the hair that has already fallen out. So, the question is: What is the best way to brush a very short haired dog to remove the coat that is shedding? I have seen many products, mostly gloves with plastic "tits" on it that are supposed to work, but I don't see how those could work very well, since the "tits" are large and far apart. I am sure there is a product that will work, but I would rather have a recommendation from someone that has successfully used something than purchase 5 different items before I find one that works. THANKS!