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While keeping with the desensitize program and very close monitory from his vet, Sully (Neuroti-Dog) takes Xanax and Clomicalm. He used to take Clomipramine but the expense went through the roof the last few months so we changed it. When he was first put on medications our hope was to use the meds to calm him enough for him to respond to the desensitizing. It worked. Until he found new triggers to cause him anxiety. No sooner do we desensitize him from one trigger and he finds another. I walk around my house with my car keys in hand, my coat and shoes on more often than not. I use his buzz words without action on my part other than to give him his favorite treat and we won’t even get into what I have to do when the dry cleaner bag comes out! I never stop using this program, if I lax even one day, he goes back to his original triggers of anxiety. Needless to say, Sully requires constant monitory for not only his medications but his anxiety through desensitization. Oh, BTW, he ate his Thundershirt. :-/
So, I would say that our vote is: Desensitizing with a calm house partnered with a closely monitored medication plan is what works best for our dog. He is an amazing animal that deserves a peaceful Forever Home and he will have it with us until he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. I just wish HE knew that! 🙂
Thank you for the great article! I am always looking for more ways to help Sully live a peaceful life.

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The above list of five best dog anxiety medicine solutions are based off of pet owners' response in terms of what seems to be most effective for calming down a dog. However, some of the solutions may not work for all dogs or specific breeds, while other dog anxiety medication may be too expensive or not available at the moment.

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9 results - Buy From Large Number Of Dog And Puppy Anxiety Medication, Meds, Medicine, Pills With Best Price Guarantee. Order Online Separation Anxiety Medication For Your Dogs Now. In all but the mildest forms of dog anxiety, combining one or more forms of treatment (prescription medications, nutritional supplements, pheromones, etc.) with a behavioral modification protocol offers the best chance of success. Behavioral modification for anxiety typically involves teaching dogs to remain calm when they are exposed to mild versions of their triggers, rewarding them, and gradually increasing the intensity of their exposure as long as they remain calm.

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A few, on the contrary, disliked the strong scent. They complained that it left behind a distasteful smell. According to them, the spray didn’t have any effect on their pet despite several weeks of religiously using it on their dogs. The majority of the buyers, however, are satisfied customers and would-be repeat clients. They have seen their pets’ suffering for years and simply couldn’t believe that one of the best dog anxiety medication would solve their woes in a matter of minutes.

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