Sentry HC is one of the best over the counter dog dewormer available.

Hi Pam, You are absolutely correct that you need to be extra careful when providing dewormers to herding breeds like collies, as they can be particularly sensitive to certain active ingredients. That being said, we advise against providing dewormers designed for horses to any breed of dog. Since these dewormers are much more concentrated, have a tendency to separate, and do not specifically target parasites that are particularly deadly in dogs, the best suggestion we can give is to work closely with your small animal veterinarian to design a deworming program specifically for your dog.

Your cheat-sheet for the best dewormer for dogs!

Effectiveness and safety weren’t the only two factors I was looking for. I used consumer reviews to find out if the products were palatable to dogs and easy to administer. The products that I wanted on my list had to be good for dogs and convenient for pet parents. I was finally able to narrow down the list to my top 10 choices for the best dog dewormer products on the market.

Best Dog DeWormer Review - What Is Best Worm Medicine for Dogs?

Last but certainly not least in our look at best dog dewormer over the counter products is Nemex 2. This best dog dewormer kills and prevents hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. As I mentioned, whipworms are a type of roundworm [11].That means that this product from Sergeant’s will kill the most common types of worms found in canines, and it can also be used to prevent your dog from contracting the parasites as well.

Best Dog DeWormer Review - What Is Best Worm Medicine for Dogs?

Unlike some of the other best dog dewormer products that I have included in this list, you don’t need to treat your dog multiple times with 8-in-1 Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer. It’s the most convenient dog dewormer on the market. You’ll only need to give your dog one dose of this dewormer to rid him of parasites. Many similar products need to be administered at least three times to be fully effective.

Best Dog DeWormer Review - What Is Best Worm Medicine for Dogs?

If you still see signs of worms despite conscientious use of a dewormer, then fecal analysis may be necessary to identify the best dog dewormer for your pet.
Here I will tell you about side effects of chemical dewormers and the best alternative and natural dog wormer treatment.Again, your vet is your biggest ally when it comes to pinpointing precisely what treatment is best for your dog. There are plenty of variables that dictate which kind of dewormer you should be using, such as age, size and health. Your vet can boil these metrics down to create a plan of attack that's as specific to your dog's needs as possible.The is a popular dewormer that is effective against four parasites, including whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. It is FDA approved for dogs more than six weeks of age, including pregnant females. There are several formulations made specifically for certain sizes of dogs. With each of these, it is best to add the treatment to food easy digestion.