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Whether you are getting a new Mastiff puppy or bringing home an older dog, Mastiffs are great companions. We hope we have provided you with the information you need to feed your friend the best food possible.

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My wife and I have a 13 month old boxer pitbull mix who weighs 65 lbs and about a 10 week old American Bandogge Mastiff. We have been feeding both dogs since we got the first one Blue Buffalo life protection. We haven’t had any problems with the food and the puppy especially seems to like it. I have been on these forums and i have scoured the internet for ratings on dog food, articles on nutrition for large breed puppies, and researched pricing. Throughout all of this i have realized that every dog is different and whay may work for one dog may not work for another. I saw the list that was posted i think on page 7 of the Canine nutrition forum that was a pdf showing 4 and 5 star dog foods with appropriate nutrition for large breed dogs. The woman who posted it said blue buffalo wasnt on there because she called but they did not release the details to her. My questions are: Does anyone know the brand Pinnacle and have any information or ratings to pass off to me? How do most people feel about blue buffalo wildnerness? I will try my best to stay away from any food produced by DIAMOND and mostly try to stay away from food that has been recalled. I have checked that list and saw blue buffalo back in 2011 i believe for too much viatmin D but if there are other brands that offer the same or better health benefits as wildnerness but i dont have to fork out $70 for a 30 lb bag that would be great. Thank you very much for you input.

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I guess I don’t have to mention that two dogs over 200 pounds can eat a significant amount of food. I want to buy them the best food I can afford and still pay my mortgage 🙂 The bull mastiff is under a year old and the saint bernard is almost 3. They are amazing loving dogs and I want them to stay healthy as long as possible. It is difficult to buy enough cans for dogs this size. I watched the video about which kind to buy. How about a mixture of canned and dry? With all the recalls now I am just getting confused on what I should purchase that is good for both of them. I am also scared about treats since Petco just literally pulled almost the entire dog section off the shelves. I do make some of my own treats for them. It is just difficult to make homemade food for dogs this size and work full time. Can someone suggest some good options for what would be cost effective and yet as healthy as I can get for them? Thank you very much for your help.

Adult Lamb & Rice, because that's what I was feeding my other dog.

Yep. Especially on a diet of beer, hard-boiled eggs and beans. Actually, like humans, it depends on how the Mastiff reacts to the food it eats, so using a good dog food should minimize the problem. If a dog can digest its food properly, it shouldn't have gas. Different dogs do best on different foods. See Question 20. 'What does a Mastiff eat?' for more information.

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