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If your dog’s sensitive stomach is as a result of the last two causes, then you can do something about it yourself. The very least you can do is to experiment with various best dog foods for sensitive stomach (and there are many of them on the market) until your dog lets you know that he is happy with that particular recipe.

Read below for more details on the best dog foods for dogs with sensitive stomachs, or check out our quick picks below:

When addressing food allergies, you’ll be looking for foods with your vet’s help. You’ll have to narrow down protein and carb sources that work best with your dog’s allergies and/or sensitive stomach. In general, you’ll be looking at ingredients such as:

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We researched for you and found the top 10 best senior dog food for sensitive stomach. Here are our favorite foods to calm your dog's digestive system. I was wondering after reading some of the comments about digestive enzymes if it is okay to continue using THK perfect form for any length of time just to keep stomach issues from reoccurring? I am talking like 6 months at 1/2 dosage for 2 of my 3 dogs (one is a lab and the other a Husky mix both about 75+ lbs) they each seem to have a loose stool maybe a few of time a week still. I had been using it full dosage for about a month when I switched them off of Taste of the wild because of diarrhea even when I was switching them slowly…I think part of it was I first went to Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural which was too rich for them. I like Victor the best of the dry dog foods I have tried but want to keep switching the protein. 4 to 5 star Dry is about 2/3 of the their diet plus canned Kirkland’s ND Turkey and pea stew is 1/3. They get good human food toppers a couple of times a week also. I just want to be sure it is okay to continue to have them be on THK perfect form at 1/2 dosage since they both can have sensitive tummies occasionally… Thanks!

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Adult dogs with sensitive stomachs need a kibble that offers good levels of calories and nutritional for moderately active to very active dogs. The good news is that there are plenty of quality affordable foods out there that can help your dog be their best.

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If you think your pup may have a sensitive stomach, the best thing you can do is simplify his diet. Cut out anything extra like table scraps and excess dog treats. When my dog started to have stomach problems, I asked myself; what is the best dog food for sensitive stomachs? I did some research and compiled a list of the seven best foods for your sensitive dog.There’s no one food that works best for all dogs with sensitive stomachs. Finding the best food for your dog may require a little time and patience, and what works for your friend’s dog may not work for yours. Before spending a lot of time and money trying different dog foods, be sure to ask your veterinarian to help you determine what type of food would be best for your dog. To find a retailer who sells Diamond CARE Sensitive Stomach Formula for Adult Dogs, please visit .The following list is our top choices for the best dog foods that have been specifically designed and formulated for dogs that have sensitive stomachs and take into consideration the criteria mentioned above, as well as a few others.While the aforementioned foods are great for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs, if you have a puppy with a sensitive stomach, you’ll need something that meets their nutritional needs. The best choice here is Nutro Max, which is specifically designed to nourish him while also catering to his sensitive stomach. At the same time, it also has the essential fatty acids he needs for optimal brain development. This formula is also specifically designed to soothe his upset stomach. All of this is thanks to the super-nutritious ingredients (e.g. free-range chicken, plenty of DHA).