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Before the other brands are becoming famous, the Dremel was in the monopoly. Many professionals prefer this grinder more than other brands even in the present days. The Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool is one of the best dog nail grinders available in the market. It gives you fast and smooth performance with two different speeds- 6,500 and 13,000 rpm. It requires only 4.8 volts power to operate. It allows you to grind your dogs nail very gently and quickly. Its light duty performance allows you to cut the nail without making him disturbed or frighten. Because it doesn’t make so much noise while on. Also, it’s very lightweight to carry. So, both of you and your dog will enjoy the trimming I guess.

Well, you need to invest in the best dog nail grinder for your furry little baby!

To help you get started, we have created a dog nail grinder reviews where we have included the 3 best dog nail grinders currently available on the market.

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I feel that a dog nail grinder is the best alternative to nail clippers. Top 5 Best Pet Nail Grinders Reviews 2017 | Best Dremel Tool for Dog Nails

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1. Professional Codos 3301 Dog Electric Claw Nail Grooming Tool Pet Toenail Paws Grinder Clipper Auto Pedicure Equipment for Animal

2. Codos 3300 Professional Dog Electric Claw Nail Grooming Tool Pet Nail Paws Grinder Clipper Auto Pedicure Devices for Dogs&Cats

3. Pet Nail Grinder Electric Premium Pet Nail File Gentle Paws Grooming Trimmer Clipper for Dogs, Cats, Hamsters, Rabbits, Birds

4. New Arrive Pet Nail Grinder, Amir Gentle Paws Premium Electric Nail Grinder for Dogs and Cats/Pet Grooming Kit High Quality

5. New Arrival 3pcs/Lot Inlife Gentle Paws Premium Grinder Pet Nail Grooming Kit for Dogs Cats for Pet Products

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I too, rarely clip nails..if the nails are long and the dogs don't mind I hack off as much as I can, then grind. I only have a few dogs that won't tolerate the grinder..then I just do the best I can. One trick I started using with dogs bad for nails (a bit tricky to hold) is fake them out by clipping a pad, putting the clipper down running then grind or clip a nail or two...worked for an absolutely spastic Pom mix...first time the dogs nails where all done at the same time in months!

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A Happier Dog. If your dog is brave enough to make it through a grinding session, the aftermath is more like a spa retreat for your animal. Nail grinding advocates less future wear on the nail, and because of this there is less stress on the paw. A sunnier disposition of man’s best friend inevitably follows the use of a nail grinder.Below, we provide you with a list of the six best dog nail grinders, which you can use as your main trimming tool or as file for rough edges if you prefer clippers.