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Buy this pet door and you will not regret it. Prior to getting this pet door, we went to the big box pet store and purchased a Pet Safe Brand doggy door. We had several of the years because there's was always one thing or another breaking off coming loose and the dogs would chew the flaps as well. We replaced the flaps at least 5-6 times a year. At $25 a pop that adds up quick. Not to mention that these are so cheaply made even when performing correctly you still get drafts and lose tons of energy. This energy efficient pet door should be the first and last place you look. Don't think your saving money by buying the cheap one. You'll end up paying much much more in replacement costs and lost energy in your home. Yes it's a little expensive, but it's worth it. Seriously one of the best purchases we've ever made. Do yourself a favor and learn from our mistakes and do it right the first time with this amazing pet door.

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The pet door is well designed to protect your house from external weather conditions like strong wind and rain, apart from being the on top of the best doggy door for large and extra large dogs, this Petsafe wall mount door can easily said to be one of the best dog door for cold weather too.

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We had a smaller one for our boxers but now we have two Mastiffs so we needed a larger door It's made in the USA and just like its “brother” doggy door mentioned above, the Patio Pacific includes a metal locking cover which can be used when the wall mount isn't necessary anymore. You can learn more about them first hand from other pet owners' reviews, from our instructions similarly to , and the manufacturer's page. Pet owners who need a permanent best dog door for their dogs will find Endura's dog door to be one of the best investments due to how well and how long they survive.

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Recently moved from a very warm climate to a much cooler climate. Needed to custom order a new back door and have a doggy door installed. No way I was going to go on the cheap. Bought this one direct from the manufacture and had it installed by a local door and window installation company. The door is fantastic! Very energy efficient. No air gaps, flap seals tight and is very durable. It looks a bit "industrial", but only because it is so solidly made. There are only two "gotchas" I can think of with this door. First, one of our dogs is quite small (an 8lb Yorkie) so I decided to go for the small door to accommodate him. It took him about a week to start going in and out himself because the door was a bit heavy for him to open. What ended up helping was putting a mat at the bottom of the door on both sides so he could get proper traction for pushing through. The other gotcha is that the door seals so well, that it is pretty loud when our dogs use it. It pretty much "slams" shut, so take this into account when you consider the placement. You won't want it near a bedroom, for example. But as far as what it is, this is the best possible quality dog door available. The extra money is well worth it, especially in places that have a cool climate.

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