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Also known as Miller’s Forge Trimmers, scissor clippers are great for dogs of all sizes. In my opinion, they are the best dog nail clippers. They have the power to cut cleanly through the thick nails of larger dogs and they are more versatile than the guillotine clippers so you can cut small shavings off at different angles if that is how you like to trim your dog’s nails. Their appearance is very similar to regular scissors with the difference being that the blades have half-moon indentations. When opened, the blades make a small hole in which you can fit the nail. Some people hold the clippers horizontally, some hold them vertically, and you can angle them to clip shavings off the nail. Scissor clippers often come with a safety catch. When it’s in place, it only allows you to clip off a small amount of nail at a time, making it more difficult to hit the quick. Unlike the guillotine clippers, the blades of scissor clippers do not have to be replaced. The drawback here is that they require a little more strength so it may be harder for people with arthritis or a weak grip to use.

Safari Guillotine Nail Trimmer - Best guillotine clippers for small dogs.

I have described five best nail clippers for dogs above. The first three are scissors type. The fourth one is grinding tool and the last one is guillotine type. Wish you have read detailed about them and decided to buy your preferable one.

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Scissor style clippers or nail grinders are the best choices when clipping your dog’s nails. Guillotine-style clippers can crush the nail if they aren’t sharp enough. If you choose to use a grinder, make sure to read the directions carefully.

The guillotine type is usually only offered in one size

That is, a scissors type clipper cuts nails like scissors. But guillotine type clipper has a single sliding blade. This blade is changeable. This clipper is best for smaller and medium sized dogs. The manufacturing company Resco has offered a lifetime warranty of their clippers.

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​Since Shiba Inus are small / medium dogs , the best dog nail clippers would be the guillotine style ones. These are the simplest dog nail clippers to use. Simply insert your dogs nail into the hole and squeeze the handle to clip.The product uses the guillotine style nail trimmer that Resco has invented in 1937 that has been continually refined since then in order to give both the owners and the pets the best possible experience. One of the great advantages of guillotine style clippers is the fact that they can be used on a variety of animals, from large dogs to cats.