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Since dogs depend entirely on their food for their nutritional needs, pet foods that are deficient in certain nutrients may cause serious pet health problems. But picking the right food for your dog out of all the choices available today can be overwhelming. There are a few things to take into consideration that can help you choose the best option for the canine member of your family.

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“I’ve tried all of the other prepared raw brands available (believe me… all of them) and Darwin’s is by far the best in quality and price, not to mention the convenience of avoiding all those trips to the pet store. Plus, my dogs love the food!

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Find the best dry dog food from some of the best dry dog food brands on the market at Petco The first step in choosing the best dog food for your pet is to identify the bad ingredients in dog food. From there, you can combine that knowledge with an understanding of what good ingredients to look for. The experts we spoke to weighed in.

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Another popular misconception that many pet owners fall victim to is the assumption that grain free diets are the best diets for pets with food allergies. While food allergies do occur in pets, corn and other grains are not among the most common allergens found in foods. In fact, according to some of the available research, corn is actually one of the least likely sources of food allergy. In one literature review, 278 dogs with food allergy were evaluated and the problem ingredient was clearly identified for each dog. Beef was the most common , being responsible for 95 of the cases reported. Dairy was responsible for 55 cases, making it the second most frequent cause. Corn was identified as the offender in only 7 cases. In cats, the situation is similar. Fifty-six cats were evaluated in this study. Forty-five of the food allergies resulted from eating beef, dairy, and/or fish. Corn, meanwhile, was responsible for only 4 cases.

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Feeding your dog a high-quality well-balanced food is one of the best things that you, as a pet owner, can do to keep your dog healthy. A good food will keep your dog’s hair coat shiny and sleek. It will strengthen his immune system. It will keep his digestive system in good health. But when it comes to choosing a dog food, the options seem almost endless.#1 Best Dog Food Brand Review + 2016's Top 10 Dog Foods. The problem with the pet food market is that very few companies care how their products – their dog foods – affect our pets. The focus of most dog companies isn’t finding out what is the best dog food brand for optimum health of our dogs; it’s the sustainability and cutting costs. After weeks of research and consultations, we’ve picked top 10 dog foods healthy for canines. #dogfood #dogs