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One of the best ways is to give her the best wooden dog crate or pen money can buy. Your indoor dog pen is your pet’s home – a safe and comfortable place where she has feeling of security when you’re away. Larger dog pens are particularly important if you’re gone all day to keep your pet out of trouble and provide space for all the needed "extended stay" amenities, and smaller dog crates satisfy your pup's need for their "den" instinct. We offer a large range of dog pen sizes. If you only crate your dog for short periods, choose a smaller crate, or for day-long stays, choose a 4 x4 so your pup has room to eat, sleep, play, and potty when absolutely necessary - all in adequately distanced areas.

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A: The most likely place to buy a crate is at your local pet supply store. You can find them at hardware and department stores, too. For the largest selection and sometimes, the best value, a wholesale pet supply company may be your best bet. You can find these companies through ads in popular dog magazines. It pays to shop around. Crates come in several styles and materials and some are sturdier or more convenient than others.

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Products 1 - 40 of 3304 - Shop for Dog Crates, Carriers & Kennels in Dogs I lived in a small condo with an 80 pound dog so a built in dog crate was a must! I turned an under the stairs mini closet into a doggie room that was perfect for my tall lab! I ran across a cute garden gate at an antique store which sparked the inspiration. Best yet, all it took was removing and storing the door and rigging hinges for the gate. I could have easily replaced the door to the closet when I sold the unit, but the buyer LOVED the doggie space and asked to keep the gate.

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