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Most dog owners prefer using leather dog collars on their pets as they are made of a natural material, that is less irritating and comfortable to wear. They are the best option for dogs with sensitive skin. Leather dog collars come in several colors and styles. The leather collars can either be flat, rolled or round.

While selecting the best rolled leather dog collar, there are several things to look for.

So, we have made it pretty simple to select a rolled collar for your best friend. But, for the sake of this guide, I want to cover the factors you need to consider when opting for a rolled leather collar for your dog.

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Super Soft Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar Pink : Large 18": will fit neck sizes from14" to 16" Outdoor and Sport collars are durable, job specific collars that keep your dog safe, and they stay intact under varied conditions. Some types of outdoor collars are: Reflective and LED collars are great for nighttime walks and outings, but also help you keep an eye on a dog that works or spends time outside. When the sun begins to set or those winter nights start creeping up on you, it may be harder to see your best friend bounding through a field. A collar that reflects your spotlight or flashlight, or a collar that lights up all on its own, is a great choice for doggy night owls. Some pups never touch the stuff, but others live in it! If your dog is in the drink on a regular basis, you may want to consider prolonging the life of his everyday collar by outfitting him in a waterproof collar for his swimming and boating days. While many quality leather collars can withstand frequent exposure to water, no leather collar should be immersed in salt water for any length of time. Waterproof collars are often microbe and mildew resistant as well, making them easy to clean and dry when your dog comes in. While they are great for the water, waterproof collar should not replace your dog's everyday collar. The thick materials and rubber texture of waterproof collars may cause chafing and discomfort if worn for extended periods.

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For the most of dogs, a Traditional Dog Collar is going tobe all you need, providing good control for walks, and the ideallocation for I.D. tags. Such collars are probably the ideal choicefor the trained dogs or dogs that are naturally obedient. Simple dogcollars are usually adjustable, and can have either a buckle or snaptype fastener. They are also available in many colors (black,brown, tan), styles and materials. The materials, these accessoriesare made of, are durable nylon or strong genuine leather. It isgoing to be one of the best choices for everyday use anddurability.

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As consumers, we always want to be well informed about the products that we buy for our dogs. There are many different types of dog collars for your dog, which leaves you to question which one is best suited for them. Collars may be used for control, identification, or fashion, but one type of collar that never goes out of style are , primarily known for their durability. The two types of leather collars most popular in today's market are the flat leather collar and the rolled leather collar.If you do, I'd probably use that rolled leather collar (we had more than a few, not the best thing to get for a dog who eats leather but we loved them).