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Hello, we own 6 acres and are considering an invisible fence as Charlie ask before, if we run a mixture of underground and above ground wire, what type of above ground wire would we need? And would we be able to run it across the top of our fence or does it need to be down low? We also have a hunting dog what system do you best recommend and can any of the collars be transferred to field training collars?

How to choose the best electric dog fence wire for an underground dog fence

Designed for dogs weighing 5 lbs or more and for neck sizes of between 6 and 16 inches, the is one of the best underground dog fence systems for the smaller breeds of dogs. The standard system will cover an area of 1/3 acre, but it can be extended to 25 acres with additional wire and flags. PetSafe is one of the best in ground dog fence manufacturers and they have an excellent reputation. As you’d expect from a best underground dog fence, as the dog approaches the fence, it will hear a warning beep before the mild static shock correction is given. This model has 4 levels of static correction that can be set to suit the temperament of your dog or, if you prefer, you can set the dog collar to beep-only mode. Most pet owners report that it only takes one or two corrections for dogs to learn where the boundaries have been set with the PetSafe Little Dog in-ground dog fence.

Everything you need to know about invisible dog fence wire

Oct 3, 2007 - I am going to be installing an underground dog fence, and was wanting to know the best way to dig the trench for the wire The best underground invisible dog fences come with a reasonable amount of electric cord for burying around the perimeter of your yard, but there are times when you might need to some more wire. When that does happen, it is usually advisable to purchase the suppliers’ own brand of cord to go with the dog fence that has. Here, we discuss why you might need to buy extra dog fence wire and we explain which wires you will need to buy for the leading underground dog fences.

Top 10 Best Invisible Dog Fences for Dogs' Containment (2017 Update)

are training systems designed to keep a puppy or grown dog in the yard or within a set boundary in the yard. Using a transmitter to send a signal to underground wires, electronic fencing creates an effective boundary that is invisible to the eye. The dog wears a radial collar receiver with a battery that sounds an alarm if the animal wanders too close to the boundary, and if the dog continues to go near the boundary, the collar gives a mild static correction. After being trained, the dog can respond to an auditory signal, minimizing the static correction, or tiny shock. Although an electronic fence provides an invisible alternative to traditional fences, it is important for the owner to know whether such a system is best for their dog's needs. Learning the basic dos and don'ts before purchasing an electronic fence system is a good idea for undecided owners and owners who want to use the fencing. Professionally-installed fences can be purchased through Internet retailers and online marketplaces, like eBay, making it easy to find units that are compatible to the owner's needs.

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