Are baskets on bicycles safe for small dogs

The Buddyrider™ Bicycle Pet Seat is a fun way to safely take your dog along with you on a bike ride. Unlike other dog bicycle seats on the market such as the more traditional front mounted bike basket for dogs, and any rear mounted dog seat, Buddyrider™ is mounted over the center of the bike so the extra weight has virtually no effect on handling. For larger breeds the dog trailer is ideal, but for smaller dogs weighing up to 11.5kg (25 pounds) there is no better alternative than the Buddyrider™.

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Thisis one of the more expensive dog bike baskets currently on the marketplace, but its versatility does make it a little more tempting. As wellas pet bicycle basket it can be used as a pet carrier, bed and car seatand, of course, just as a general use basket! It attaches to a bike viaa ‘KLICKfix’ adapter and attaches to the dog via an internal safetyleash. For extra safety a mesh dome can be put in place and on rainydays an included rain cover can be utilized. The Cocoon has durablepolyester sides, covered internally by a 70D water-resistant nylon, anda PP base cushioned with foam for comfort. The Cocoon is currentlyavailable in two colors: green (pictured) and red. The reviews arepredominantly good and for owners and dogs that would make use of morethan one of the Cocoon’s functions its higher than average price mightnot be off-putting.

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Bicycle Baskets For Dogs | Midnight Pass, Inc. Pet Products | Wicker Cruiser Pet Bicycle Basket For small to medium-sized dogs, there are number of baskets, crates, and dog seats so Fido can ride with you on the frame. Nantucket Bike Baskets makes an that attaches to your rear rack, while is a dog-specific bike seat that give your pooch a front-row seat on the handlebars. For small dogs, any sturdy bicycle basket will do. The is an extra large, durable rattan basket that can easily accommodate a lap dog. Harness your dog into the trailer, crate or basket, allowing your dog some room to move without putting him or her in danger of falling, or escaping Toto-style. Start off slowly to get used to the new (and wiggling) weight on your bike, but as long as your dog is reasonably calm, biking with a small dog on your frame shouldn’t be a problem.

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The Cocoon dog bike carrier utilizes a German engineered "KLICKfix" bicycle handlebar adapter that attaches to the handlebars of your bike or bicycle. The adapter fits standard size handlebars (22-26mm diameter). The Cocoon bike dog carrier cabin is constructed using tough, durable, 8440 denier polyester fabric that is as easy to clean as it is durable. Bike baskets for dogs, what a great idea!

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