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A few pet owners observed that this buddy system would work best on a dog that wears a wide-strapped dog harness for bicycling, not a collar; otherwise, there’s a risk of causing injury to the pet’s neck or throat when using this bike dog leash. They even suggest using some padding between the dog harness and the dog to prevent scraping or bruising the dog’s skin. The bike tow leash is sold for a reasonable price, which is a definite plus for all of us wanting to get into this.

Something like this bicycle dog leash seems great, but it's only recommended for larger dogs

Even if your dog is accustomed to seeing your bike leaning against the wall in your home or garage, it’s probably viewed as just another piece of furniture (that you curiously remove from the house on occasion!). Some dogs are fearful of moving bicycles, so you may need to help your dog become comfortable around your bike. In your house or garage, start by holding your bike, calling your dog to you, and allowing him to sniff it. Praise him, pet him, and give him a yummy treat to reward his bravery. Lay your bike down, sit on the floor next to your bike, and repeat the exercise. You can even place treats on the tires, the frame, and the pedals, playing a game with your dog while he begins to associate this strange machine with having fun. Next, walk a few steps with your bike and encourage your dog to follow, using praise and treats. Continue to practice indoors, eventually adding your dog’s harness and leash, and moving outdoors only when your dog is comfortable walking alongside you and your bike.

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A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy - especially for active dogs Bicycle Dog Leash - Trainer Leash For Dogs - Attaches to Bike In Seconds - Safety Flexi Leash - Stretchable Leash for Added Safety to Rider and Pet by Select Companion hot sale

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good Bicycle Dog Leash - Trainer Leash For Dogs - Attaches to Bike In Seconds - Safety Flexi Leash - Stretchable Leash for Added Safety to Rider and Pet by Select Companion

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The K9 Cruiser is available with three different size bungee leash attachments. You should choose the bungee that corresponds to your dog’s weight. It is important to use the right bungee attachment so your dog has the correct shock absorber effect from the leash. Too strong a bungee will keep your dog from stretching it at all; too weak a bungee will not absorb enough of the shock if your dog tries to go a different direction than the bicycle. Proper bungee sizing results in optimal comfort for you and your dog! The small size is for dogs weighing between 5-25 lbs. The medium size is for dogs weighing between 25-80 lbs. or a very strong dog in the upper small size range. The large size is for dogs weighing 80 lbs. and over, or a very strong dog in the upper medium size range. For dogs over 85 lbs. we recommend you use a Gentle Leader or other type of control collar with the K9 Cruiser. The K9 Cruiser attaches to virtually any non-motorized bicycle the same way the back wheel attaches. Simply loosen the rear wheel axle nut or quick release, slide the K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash between the frame and the axle, on the outside of the fork, then tighten. Fasten the Velcro strap around the frame of the bike and you’re ready to go! We also offer a very comfortable foam handle for use with the K9 Cruiser Bicycle Leash bungee attachment, which you can use to walk your dog once you get where you are going. We use these a lot since we tend to ride down to the beach and then hang around a while, or on vacation when we bring dogs and bikes with us, and also when we ride to outdoor cafes and such. Please let us know if you are having difficulty, but please do not modify our product or its installation in any way! ?