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are generally available with a day or 2 of calling, but please DO call in advance for nail trims and grooming. We ask for 3-4 hours for most canine baths, and 4-5 hours for haircuts. By giving us ample time, we're able to give your pet breaks during grooming, which helps reduce stress. Some grooming salons will groom an animal straight through - we believe that this increases stress unnecessarily. At Big Valley Pet Resort, it's important to us that your pet enjoys his or her time here. If you have a friendly social dog, ask about dropping off early for your appointment so they can go outside and play with the boarding dogs! (An additional fee may apply)

A Little Big Dog provides Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming services in Las Vegas, NV.

The right speed for your dog clippers will depend on your dog’s breed and their size. For dogs with thick coats, a high speed is best. This will let the clippers cut through the fur without getting caught or tangled. This is especially true if your dog is also big. Smaller dogs and dogs with short, easy-to-groom fur will benefit from a slower speed. This will still cut through the fur, but it will give you more control over the clipper. Remember that clippers with multiple speeds are best, because even a short-haired dog may get a mat, and a high-speed setting can always remove mats with ease.

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Is it any wonder then that extreme dog grooming is becoming a big business? You don’t have to fear dog grooming for your pet due to a mistake in a big box pet store. There are specialized dog groomers in every city, excitedly waiting to meet you and your dog and provide them with the personalized dog grooming you both deserve.

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Little Big Dog Grooming offer Pet Grooming services and are situated in Gering, Nebraska. They can be found at 1500 P St, Gering 69341 as shown on the map above (please note that the map is accurate to within approximately 300 feet).

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Welcome to the Pet Palace! We offer pet boarding, grooming, and doggie day care services. We've been serving the Clarksville Tennessee area since 1988, and have become a trusted provider of quality care for pets throughout Montgomery County TN. We have two locations, one that caters to big, active dogs and one for small and/or senior dogs, so your dogs will receive the care and attention that‘s right for them. Both locations offer indoor and outdoor play areas, love and attention, and lots of fun!Great lesson in grooming! – I took my standard poodle puppy to Joanie at Big Dogs for our first ever grooming lesson. Joanie was very helpful and highly skilled. She worked well with me and my dog and gave me lots of helpful hints so that I can groom my puppy solo. I will definitely take my dog back for additional lessons and big grooming jobs! The place isn't much to look at, but I know I'm not paying overhead for appearance, just good quality service.Terri's has been in business for over 38 years. We have full-time professional groomers on staff. We will take the time to meet with you to discuss your pets and their specific needs. Any full service grooms are available from scissor cuts to shave downs. Medicated, oatmeal, hypoallergenic, and flea baths always available. You could also walk in an for just a toe-nail clip, face trim, feet trim, or any other grooming needsbetween the hours of 8:00-3:00 Monday through Saturday. Don't forget about your feline friends! Terri's specializes in cat grooming, whether it's just toe-nail clipping, a bath, or a full hair cut. We have a designated room for our kitty cat pals. To ease your mind, heated dryers are never used on any animals. We have groomers that have been working with troublesome dogs and cats for years. Big and small, we groom them all. Did you know that most breeds of dogs do best having a bath and brush out monthly? This keeps the undercoat on a double coated breed blown-out, reducing shedding in your home, as well as helping the dog maintain a consistent body temperature. We offer shed-less treatments to assist in blowing and brushing out the undercoat. On "hair" dogs, haircuts every 4 weeks are usually recommend to prevent matting. By keeping your pet on a regular grooming schedule, Big Valley Pet Resort will be able to help use preventative measures to make sure painful mats never occur. A side benefit to regular grooming is that we're able to reduce your pets price when they are maintained consistently, as the groomers get to know your pet, and anticipate the condition that the coat will be in.