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Pros: Customers were pleased with the portability and collapsibility of this gate. The construction is sturdy (make sure you stay within the recommended weight limit). The double doors on this particular kennel are convenient if you have a need to have multiple exits for your dog. The carrying handles make it easy to move around and its housebreaking ability makes it a big seller amongst owners with puppies that will eventually grow into bigger dogs.

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You do NOT have to worry here! The Big Dog House is very experienced, friendly, and caring. The Big Dog House is a 5-star kennel! We wouldn’t go anywhere else! Katina V

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Big Dog Kennel provides Pet Sitting and Dog Training services in Chelan, WA. Orchard Kennels is an indoor facility built and run by people who love dogs, big dogs. We are located in upstate New York () about 10 minutes east of Rochester, NY. We have created a place for big dogs. Saint Bernards, Great Danes, and Newfoundlands will find ample space to lounge on our heated cement floor. All dogs over 35 pounds are welcome. Here at Orchard Kennels, every dog gets to , in our large supervised play areas.

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We have noticed that there aren't many big dog houses for large breeds of dogs on the market. If you want a big dog house you most likely will have to build it yourself. This is only one reason why we have designed The K9 Kennel Castle. Not only is it huge making it a comfortable shelter for your larger breeds of dogs but is saves on space too. These eye-catching dog houses provide a safe and comfortable shelter for your dogs, while making it easy and fun for you to care for them!

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The first question that usually comes to mind is, 'how big should thekennel be?' Most pet supply shops canprovide you with good ideas on the size of kennel you need, and many carry doghouses in graded sizes, going from those suitable for the small pet dog, allthe way up to the extra-large sizes needed for the bigger breed dogs. So, generally you can tell by the breed whatsize kennel it normally needs.We know how tough it can be to find an Extra Large Dog Crate for your giant breed so we have made it easy to find an Extra Large Dog Kennel for your big fur ball. Just go to to view all the choices brands.

Again we are not selling dog cages, just showing you what is out there and where to buy it at the lowest price, go to:

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large dog kennels for saleWhy it's at #2? We put Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel as the second best extra large dog crate because the first had the advantage of having a slightly stronger door attached to it, as well as stackability going for it. But, this crate is still an excellent piece of equipment for anyone needing to crate a big dog.An active dog and a roomy back yard or front yard is a perfect combination. But you can’t always allow your dog to run completely free, no matter how big your yard is. The dog may unwittingly escape the yard and become lost, or may end up in a part of the yard that is not safe for dogs, or that contains items that the dog could damage. It is important to keep your pet and your property safe. The right dog outdoor enclosures are the perfect answer. Sam’s Club offers traditional dog kennels and kennel pens for prices that should easily fit within your pet care budget. These are sturdy, high quality items that will safely enclose your pet while allowing him or her freedom of movement and a comfortable environment. You can also find critical accessories for your kennel, such as a ground anchor, kennel cover and kennel liner. Don’t keep your dog penned up in a crate all day or trust a second rate kennel manufacturer. Get high quality kennels and outdoor enclosure accessories at reasonable prices right now with Sam’s Club.