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After four frantic months, Ms. Mahoney and Mr. Salkind put their loft on the market. They closed on the sale this past May, losing a six-figure sum. Their new home is a 1,446-square-foot one-bedroom duplex in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where Ravello has quick and easy access to a patio. “I’d be happy in 700 square feet, but we went for a bigger apartment so the dogs would have room to play,” Ms. Mahoney said.

Here’s our list of top 5 big dogs that will be just fine living in a small house or apartment.

Just because a dog is small doesn’t mean he’s suited for apartment life. Some small breeds of dog are far too vocal to meet the requirements of being a good neighbor in an apartment building. Others are too antsy and have too much energy to be cooped up, even if their smaller size makes the space seem bigger. For example, though it is the smallest of dog breeds, the can make a bad choice for apartment living because of the breed’s tendency to bark, as well as its energetic, nervous demeanor. However, many Terriers, though they are high energy, tend to be decent apartment dogs as long as they get enough exercise.

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The Bloodhound is a giant gentleman. This guy is calm and very easy-going. He’s a big “mush” around the house, a lovable friend with a sad face that likes tummy rubs, loves kids. This guy is just too sweet and gentle but even with his size, he's one of our nicest apartment dogs.

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If you live in an apartment, but you’re not into , I have a list of the best big dogs for apartments. Most people equate big dogs with high energy, but there are several large breed dogs out there that make great apartment companions.

In fact, ideal apartment dogs come in all sizes

Likewise, large dog breeds do not need a big house to feel comfortable. Certain giant breed dogs are known to be great apartment dogs, as you’ll see in the list below.There are big dog breeds that can thrive in small apartments. When it comes to living spaces, it’s the dog’s behavior that matters more than the size. Other factors include how much daily exercise they need and how vocal they are when it comes to expressing their needs and feelings.