BICYCLE SEAT DOG CARRIER - rear basket bike pet carriers

Some bike baskets are designed to also be used as car seats, portable carriers, or as a dog bed. If you want an all-in-one basket, keep an eye out for products that highlight their multi-functional use. However, if you plan on constantly taking the bike basket on and off the bike to use it as a bed or car carrier, make sure the basket is also easy to disassemble and reassemble quickly for convenience sake.

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Pull Behind Dog Carrier For Bikes

Pet supplies dog carrier bike carrier pet products bicycle accessories animals The size of this bicycle dog carrier is marked “small”, yet it’s rather large for bicycles smaller than a mountain bike with 26-inch wheels. Buyers suggest that before you click purchase, take note of the dimensions of this dog bike basket and make a careful assessment if its width and depth will work just fine with your bike’s measurements.

BICYCLE SEAT DOG CARRIER - rear basket bike pet carriers

If you take a look at the above dog bike carrier reviews, this turned out to be the perfect basket for most pet owners who bring their dogs around for bike rides. They found it sturdy, not to mention good-looking.

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You want to go for a bicycle ride, but you don’t want to leave your pet friend at home? If you have a dog carrier for a bike, you won’t have to leave your dog behind. These 10 best dog bicycle carriers will help you bring you pooch wherever you go.
Snoozer Pet Rider is meant for dogs of about 24 pounds. It is very easy to install and it is best used with bicycle rack. If the cover gets dirty, you can wash it whenever you want, and since we’re on the subject of the cover, it also has high visibility neon reflective stripe on rear. If you are worried that your dog will jump out of the basket, you can strap it with security straps and not worry at all. Only problem with this carrier is that it can’t be removed easily once it is placed on the bike.
This carrier is not only for dogs, but you can use it for cats too. It has double adjustable heavy-duty straps with buckles so it will fasten the carrier easily and it will be stabile on the bike. Since it has adjustable leash clasp you can fix your dog inside and have no worries that it fill jump outside. If you have dog that has more than 15 pounds, you will have to find another carrier.
This is actually not only bike basket but also shoulder carrier, so when you are finished with the ride, you can bring your pooch with you in the bag. If you want to bring toys and treats, you can put them into two zippered compartments. Your pet will be safe with safety leash and you won’t have to worry about jumping out of the basket. Adjustable straps will allow you to use this basket as a shoulder bag and carrier and you won’t have to leave the dog out alone if park your bike to go to the store.