Or doggy muscle tanks, Hawaiian shirts, and sundresses

Find a stylish selection of swimwear for dogs so that you don't leave your dog out this summer while you are enjoying the sun and water! Get your pampered pooch a dog bathing suit and make her the talk of the pool or beach! These dog bikinis and swim trunks are adorable and your dog is sure to feel like part of the party.

Lovely Zebra Print Cute Bikini Swimming Suit for Pets Dogs (Assorted Sizes) – USD $ 13.49

There are separate beaches for large and small dogs. After cooling off in the water, the dogs can strut their stuff in the dog bikini parade (1 pm). The dog pie eating contest features healthy pet treats any dog is sure to enjoy (1:30 pm for small dogs and 1:40 for large dogs). Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

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Dog swimwear, bikinis are so cute for small to large dogs in many colors. And even those dogs could greatly benefit from wearing a life jacket, think about cold weather, strong winds and the like. And as for cuteness, the second model is nearly as cute as the Hawaii dog bikini ;-)

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The Polka Dot Dog Bikini and Hat are the perfect suit for frilly feminine dogs, modest but so sweet. This pup's so adorable I can't stand it! Available from in many sizes!

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For the pampered pouch this is great, my Mom pampers her dogs so much so they are treated like small children. it all depends on the type of dog you own. Small dogs tend to love this stuff, great products, fun indeed. Don't like the bikini, comeon a good eye catcher though and to that kudos.Sure, it’s August, but that doesn’t mean that summer is quite over yet. These dogs’ tails are in fighting form and they are ready to shake what their mama gave ’em. Read on for more shameless sun lovers and bikini clad buddies below.katiem2, feel free to send your mom the link to this page ;-) You never know, she might want to buy the Hawaiian style bikini for one of her dogs ;-)Everything you need to know for the best bikini season ever can be learned from dogs. Embrace the wisdom of these canine cuties as they prove that confidence and happiness are the best beauty tricks on the planet. Whether you feel more comfortable in a two-piece or something resembling medieval scuba gear, these dogs will help. They’ve got the wisdom for enjoying the summer in the shape you’re in today. Which is beautiful! Right? Right.Whether you are looking for swim trunks or bikinis, we have a wide variety of dog swimming suits for your favorite pet. These bathing suits for dogs are not only super cute and chic, they are also extremely durable.
It's high bikini season, which unfortunately doesn't mean the time of year you get to walk around with a shotgun aimed obnoxious girls sunbathing in the park. Who do we prefer to see lounging about in bright colors and Hawaiian prints? Cats and dogs, of course! Plus, we can laugh at them without feeling like total jerks. Win/win!