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Oh the picture with him and the 7 year old candle is too sweet for words. I’m going to try these puppycakes for my Ginny dog. She will love them. Will have to change up the frosting since she can’t have peanut butter. Tell Einstein, Happy Birthday from us 🙂

Yes, I made birthday cake for my dog. His name is Toby, and he is too cute not to eat cake.

Thank you for this easy, great & evidently delicious recipe. Celebrating my dog’s 8th birthday today. She devoured this cake, right down to the last crumb. She’s a picky eater, so of course I am really happy that I made something that she liked. Made her feel loved & special, I’m sure.

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Love you recipe for homemade doggie cake today was my brats birthday and all my five dogs loved it Oh my god. This is a magnificent idea!!! This post is bringing tears to my eyes. I have such a soft spot for dogs, they are just the best creatures. Happy birthday to your doggie, he is so lucky to have a mama who made him such a big ass dogfood cake

Our dog, Boomer, turned 11 so we wanted to make him a cake

This touched my heart, Mandy — big hugs to you and to Dumpling for being such troopers. (And to Shrimpie, because I love him and his little face cracks me up every time.) Happiest of birthdays to Dumpling and thank you for sharing this with us. It’s the most gorgeous doggy cake I’ve ever seen!

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This recipe is for all of my fellow people out there who treat their dogs like their children. This past week marked our precious puppy Lucca’s first birthday! Of course he had to have a special treat to celebrate, so I whipped up these healthy dog friendly cupcakes. We’re usually really picky about what heRead moreYes, I made birthday cake for my dog. His name is Toby, and he is too cute not to eat cake. It was really easy to make actually, easier than people cake… and I’m not gonna lie, I tried a taste and it wasn’t half bad If you have a little four-legged friend in… [read more]Today is Merle’s (aka Boof, Boofie, Nugget Face) first birthday—and the perfect excuse to dress him in a humiliating but painfully adorable little cone-shaped hat and feed him lots of T-R-E-A-T-S (my fellow dog-owners catch my drift). In honor of our spoiled little piggy, I whipped up a cake with puppy-tested, mom-approved ingredients—and the results were drool-worthy (at least for the canine set).I have a sure-fire safe, and extra-special yummy birthday cake for your favorite canine family member that is nutrient packed but still a sweet treat for your doggie!I have a very sweet chocolate lab who has a 9th birthday today, Feb 14th.. So I made this recipe and made 12 cupcakes out of it, loaded with the frosting. My lab and lab mix thoroughly enjoyed their share, and I also made a few for family and coworkers that have dogs. It was a big hit here, thanks for sharing! Back then, Vrankovic wasn't a dog person. Lucy has converted him, though, with the happy, goofy, loving personality you can see so clearly in her birthday picture — which went viral with the caption: "I thought ordering my dog a birthday cake would be a waste of money... Her reaction was worth every penny." Vrankovic donates to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals now, and he and his wife have gotten interested in pet adoption.