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I have a female black lab, about 70 lbs. Just recently she has been reacting while on a leash, or other dogs on a leash and joggers. I can’t walk her, she is so strong. Once off of the leash (dog park) she is fine with the other dogs. How can we get her to calm down and enjoy the walk to the park? I have tried pinch collars and the halti kept coming off.

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Dogmatic is the invention of Susan Lewsley and come about out of necessity. You can . The Dogmatic is for dogs that pull and promises to deliver a perfect combination of comfort and control. The Dogmatic Headcollar is in many ways similar to the popular Halti, at least in its purpose but boasts greater comfort and control. It comes in a variety of colours: black, blue, red and orange. You can also choose between a padded, cushioned webbing or a leather design. I opted for the black cushioned version in size 2. The website states size 3 for a husky, but as Dakota is only 6 months old and not nearly fully grown, size 2 was better suited.

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Make your own Paracord Dog Collar, Halti Collar. I'm not a fan of these, but this one beats the ugly black ones It is most important that the Head Halter you choose for your dog fits his head shape. There are many brands available now (Gentle Leader, Halti, Snoot Loop, K9 Comalong, and Black Dog to name a few - the Gentle Leader's for short nosed breeds and Black Dog brand halters seem to suit most Boxers), so shop around to find one that suits your dog best. Some halters also come in a variety of colors, so if you are concerned that someone might mistake your halter for a muzzle, choose a pretty color. These days, many people do recognize a head halter so the halter / muzzle confusion is rare, and if someone does ask why your dog is muzzled think of it as an opportunity to educate that person. In many cases you may be able to get your dog fitted with a halter when you make your purchase, in fact, most vets or trainers will fit the halter as part of the service to ensure your dog does well with the product. If you trust the people you purchase your halter from then by all means take advantage of getting it fitted on your dog correctly.

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Created by Dr. Roger Mugford and manufactured by Coastal. They are available in many pet supply stores and catalogs. They come in a variety of sizes, originally only in black, but some colors are now available. If you choose a color, choose one that blends with your dog’s face.

Halti Dog Headcollar Size 3 (Black).